In The Dark Of The Night

When Anastacia moves to the city of London to rid herself of adult responsibilities and experience the nightlife, she meets Louis, a dark handsome man that owns the night club down the road. But when she's eerily drawn to him and starts to lose valuable memories she questions who he really is...


5. Closer

Justin grabbed her neck, coiling his fingers around her throat and squeezing tight, his dark red eyes boring into her skin. 

He opened up his mouth, bearing his large fangs and lunged at the large artery that was pumping with blood.

"Go away..Stop..." Anastacia moaned in her sleep, grabbing the covers tightly beneath her small fingers.  She jumped to find Louis, sitting at the end of her bed, writing in a small black journal.  "Don't be frightened Ana...I heard you screaming, so I came to check up on you," he smiled, closing his journal and smiling.  Anastacia relaxed, brushing back her hair and sighing, "The nightmares keep getting worse," she explained, crawling out of her covers and closer to Louis.  He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her forehead, "I can tell," he cooed, rubbing his fingertips on her shoulder, soothing her.  "It's like Justin is still with me.  Still wanting me...whenever you're not here I feel him. Calling for me," Anastacia shuddered, resting her head on Louis' chest.  Louis hushed her, holding her tightly as he helped her back into bed, tucking her in, "Lou?  Stay with me?" she asked, grabbing his pinky finger childishly.  Louis smiled and nodded, kicking off his shoes and opening up one side of the blankets, crawling in and facing her.  "Why did you save me?  Back at the club?" Anastacia asked, cuddling under the covers, bringing the blankets up to her chin, awaiting for Louis' answer.  Louis smiled, rubbing his thumb across her cheek, "I knew you were special.  I was watching you the whole time, admiring you.  I saw you smoking a spliff and denying Justin.  You were strong, yet fragile and sexy.  I couldn't manipulate you, although believe me I tried for a while and when you were dragged outside I grew angry. I followed you both outside and waited, to see if maybe you could fight him off but you didn' I handled it.  Ana...I killed him viciously.  I'm sorry you were blamed," he sighed, looking away from her.  Anastacia sat there, processing the information before smiling softly, "It's alright..." she whispered softly, moving closer and pressing her lips against his.  He kissed her back softly, gently, caressing her lips as he slid his tongue across her bottom lip.  Ana smiled and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth, rolling over and sliding on top of his lap.  Louis held her close, rubbing his fingers in circles on her back dimples, making the skin shiver with goosebumps.  Anastacia pulled away from Louis lips, smiling as she flipped off her shirt, her naked skin shimmering against the moonlight. Louis smiled, admiring her small petite frame before staring in curiosity, "What are these?" he asked, brushing his thumb across her skin.  Her body was covered in small, dark scars, some spelling out words of hate and sadness.  Anastacia gasped, covering her body as she grew embarrassed, "I use to.. I mean...still do. Umm I self harm," she explained, climbing off of Louis and onto the other side of the bed, pulling the covers up.  Louis shook his head, pulling down some of the blankets and kissed her shoulder and shoulder blade gently.  "These scars don't make you any less beautiful. I still think you are the most gorgeous, smart, and sexy lady any man could ever ask for.  And whoever made you sad in the past, made you cut, then they're missing out and should be ashamed.  Because you are beautiful.  No matter what," he smiled, kissed her neck turned her around.  Ana smiled, tears in her eyes as she kissed him fiercely and unbutton his jeans and throwing them to the floor. No soon after their bodies intertwined in a hot, lustful heat, sharing each others love and cherishing the moment as they both pleased each other. 

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