In The Dark Of The Night

When Anastacia moves to the city of London to rid herself of adult responsibilities and experience the nightlife, she meets Louis, a dark handsome man that owns the night club down the road. But when she's eerily drawn to him and starts to lose valuable memories she questions who he really is...


1. Anastacia

Anastacia smiled to herself, leaning against the cold, brick wall as she took another inhale of her spliff that she had rolled almost moments ago.  Her muscles twitched slightly and her head grew slightly fuzzy as the high ran through her small, petite body.  "Ana! There you are! C'mon we're about to head in!" a voice called, followed by a tall, muscular body, his blonde tips reflecting in the moonlight.  "Yeah Yeah...give me a minute" she puffed, exhaling the smoke as she turned to the wall and slightly tapped out her spliff, careful not to ruin it, as she wanted to save it for another time.  She put the spliff in her wallet and walked to her friend, her heels clicking against the pavement.  Her blonde friend took her hand as they moved in with the rest of their clique and showed their ID's to the bouncer who let them in, not really caring to check whether they were of age or not.  Immediately the music grew louder as they moved though the doors, the bass a euphoria throughout Anastacia's body.  She grabbed her friends hand and moved to the middle of the dance floor, crowded with sweaty teens, their bodies against each other.  He grabbed her waist and grinded his body against her, trailing his hands over any exposed skin he could find.  Anastacia smiled to herself, biting her lip gently as she leaned back her head, resting it on his chest, letting her friend get a better view of what was hiding in her dress.  "Bathroom?" he asked, biting her next gently and hiking her dress up higher.  Anastacia shook her head, "Nooo Justin....I'm high, I'm having fun, and I want to dance a bit longer," she groaned.  "Please?" he begged, stopping his hips and pulling her closer, his growing member pressed against her lower back.  "No" she said again, this time her voice becoming slightly annoyed.  Suddenly she was being tugged, as Justin grasped her arm tightly and led her to the back door and out into the parking lot.  "Is it because you don't want to have sex in public or something?! Because if that's the fucking reason then why are you being such a tease" he screamed, hitting her.  Anastacia stumbled back, "No! That's not the fucking reason! I was having a good time until you fucking ruined it.  Screw this I'm outta here, I'm calling a cab.  Find your own ride home..." she huffed turning away from Justin and through the parking lot.  "Like hell," he yelled running after her and tossing her to the ground, grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head.  "JUSTIN! Get off of me!" she screamed, trying her hardest to kick her legs out from under him.  "Shut up! You just can't go around teasing men like that Ana!" he yelled, pulling up her dress and pulling down her panties.  "Justin! Fucking quit it! Help!! Please god someone help!" she screamed, tears falling from her eyes.  "Shut the fuck up!" Justin yelled, covering her mouth after pulling down his jeans and boxers.  Ana screamed, even though no one could hear her, she closed her eyes, bracing herself.  Suddenly the weight was lifted off her her and all she could hear was the snapping of bones and slight shuffling against the pavement.  "Are you alright?" a voice asked from above, the face hidden in the shadows.  Ana pulled up her panties and fixed her dress, her head still spinning, "Yes...I'm alright," she hiccuped, getting to her feet before stumbling back down.  "Here, let me help you," the voice said again, this time coming from a tall, brown haired, handsome man.  He took her arm gingerly and wrapped an arm, gently, around her waist.  "Thank you," she smiled weakly, her head pounding and her ears ringing.  "It's alright.  Would you like me to bring you home?" he asked.  "Not unless you're a whiz at changing locks.  Justin is my roomate.  He has a spare key," Ana shrugged.  "Then you'll stay with me...Don't worry, I have a spare room," he offered, taking out his car keys and unlocking the black convertible that was parked in front of them.  "Thank you..." she smiled, practically crawling in the passenger seat.  He made his way around to the other side and buckled his seat belt before starting the car.  "Your head still hurt?" he asked.  Anastacia blinked, "How did you know my head hurt?" she asked, not remembering telling him about the concussion that she may have acquired during the scuffle.  "I know when someone's hurting," he chuckled, "Just lie back and close your eyes, we'll be home in a few," he smiled, looking at her deeply in the eyes before Ana slowly fell out of consciousness.

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