Darkness Reveals (Pics and Background)

Pictures and Background of the characters in Darkness Reveals.

- Darkness Reveals FIGHTING!


4. Scarlett Rosenberg


Scarlett Rosenberg


Scarlett has a great sense of humour and loves being around others. She always got picked on because of her last name but she learned to live with it. She fell in love with Kyle and has been with him ever since. Just like Rose she had a choice she could've left him or stayed, she stayed. She never killed anyone though, she was just a normal girl sweet, charming, smart, and very good with boys. "Love can make you do crazy things." She says. She has been with Kyle for about 4 years now and loves him even though he does bad things. Her favourite colour is blue and her dream was to be a teacher, she's very good with kids. She's known for being good with men and very hot, she soon got her nickname in middle school, she was called "Black Widow" She was smart, hot, and good with men. "She could make any guy fall in love with her just by smiling." Said one of her classmates in high school. She's trying to understand why Kyle does what he does, but still loves him.

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