Darkness Reveals (Pics and Background)

Pictures and Background of the characters in Darkness Reveals.

- Darkness Reveals FIGHTING!


5. Landon Peters


Landon Peters


Landon is a good guy who's really nice, if it wasn't for his farther he wouldn't be doing this right now. His dad was kinda in the mob and gangs so when he died he made his son (Landon) promise to keep it going and to "avenge" him. Landon didn't want to at first, he wanted to go to college and be a lawyer, but because of the promise he followed in his dads footsteps. He used to date Rose (what a twist) and then he broke up with her, he didn't want her to get hurt. He still loves her to this day, but they never see each other. His favourite colour is Purple, he is known for being very violent and aggressive, so he got his nickname "Road killer." meaning no mercy for anyone. He's planing on coming back for Rose and getting back together. (GASP)

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