Darkness Reveals (Pics and Background)

Pictures and Background of the characters in Darkness Reveals.

- Darkness Reveals FIGHTING!


3. Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson


Kyle grew up in a rich family. He got whatever he wanted, when he wanted it. He was also that type of guy who you would think is a jerk, but really he tries his best and tries to fit in. That's how he got to where he is today. He had to kill someone to show that he wasn't just this rich jerk. He killed a man and somehow fell in love on the way. He met Scarlett and fell in love instantly. They met at a karaoke bar, ever since then they've never been separated. Once Kyle has something he cares for, he wont give up, he'll just keep loving and caring for that person or thing. His favourite colour is navy blue. His dream was to be in the army, but that didn't work out. He's trying to love others and open his heart more. He is known for running so some people call him "Speedy Kyle."

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