Darkness Reveals (Pics and Background)

Pictures and Background of the characters in Darkness Reveals.

- Darkness Reveals FIGHTING!


2. Hunter Hans


Hunter Hans


Hunter is a outgoing person, and doesn't like to be pushed down. He likes to follow his dreams, not to say that his dream was to kill people, originally he wanted to be a artist. That didn't work out to well his dad left him with a huge amount of debt, over 900,546 dollars. He killed both his parents at the age of 14 in a fire. He wasn't charged as an adult though. Ever since then he's been killing people non-stop. He went to jail for 4 years, because Rose killed someone but he took the blame, that's how much he loves her. He went to jail when he was 16. He soon got the nickname The Cerebral Assassin. Cerebral meaning using the brain more then heart/emotions. He has no mercy, unless he knows you. He loves Rose and is planing to protect her for the ending of time. His favourite colour is purple. He is know for being good with guns. He wants to stop what he's doing before someone he loves (Rose) gets hurt.

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