Forever and Always

illiana is no other than an ordinary girl, she used to be best friends with the no other but harry styles, until everything changed, harry left for xfactor and left her behind with no one. 1 year later he comes back.will harry still be the same harry from before or will everything get ruined.


4. not again

girls said. i saw that no one was going over to illiana so i walked up to her. 'hey illiana do you want to be my partner"i said. all of the girls stared at me in disbelif." why her harry she just a bitch" said ashley. i learned her name earlyer this morning.i just ignored her and waited for illiana to answer."sure" is all iliana said shyly.

iliana's pov:

after awhile the bell rang and i walked to my locker. as i was about to open my locker ashley and her so called "gang" walked over to me."you stole harry from me now your gonna pay"she said. i just sared at her as she slapped me aacross the face. i gasped.


harry's pov : 

i was walking down the hall when i saw illiana at her locker. i started walking up to her but then i saw ashley walk up yo her. they started talking but i couldnt really make out the words the were saying.then out of the blue ashley slapped her across the face.i ran up to illiana and just hold her as she started soaking my shirt in her tears. ashley just walked away proud of her self.

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