Forever and Always

illiana is no other than an ordinary girl, she used to be best friends with the no other but harry styles, until everything changed, harry left for xfactor and left her behind with no one. 1 year later he comes back.will harry still be the same harry from before or will everything get ruined.


3. him


present time

illianas pov.


i woke to the sound of my alarm clock beeping, i groaned as i got out of bed to take a shower, i got out and changed into black jeans and a ed sheeran shirt. i ran down stairs and got my backpack. i ran out and walked to school since it was just a 10 min walk from home. i went to my locker as usual and then i heard the most annoying little screech ever. and of course as i thought they were the 3 most popular girls in school screaming. i looked at them and rolled my eyes. " hey loser you better stay away from my harry wait i dont think he is going to even talk to you", ashley the head leader said. "what are you talking about", i said. she gave me this look and walked away. i was so counfused so i just went to 1st period. i went to my usual spot wich was in the very back. i sat down and sighed. all of a sudden all of the girls get up of their seat and run to the front of the room screaming. our teacher mrs. douglas calmed them all down and said," class i would like you to meet our new students, now they will only be here for 2 weeks so treat them like normal students. i lifted my head and looked at all of them they all looked very familiar until i saw someone i have been mad at since he left me. harry. of course at just my look harry had to come and sit right next to me. i looked at him and rolled my eyes. he then gave me a wierd and counfused look .then his eyes went wide ...

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