Forever and Always

illiana is no other than an ordinary girl, she used to be best friends with the no other but harry styles, until everything changed, harry left for xfactor and left her behind with no one. 1 year later he comes back.will harry still be the same harry from before or will everything get ruined.


2. flashback



 harry had just finished packing his bags and put them in the car. i stood at his door step not wanting to leave. as soon as he saw me and looked into my eyes i just couldnt hold it in any longer. i burst into tears as harry ran to me. he held me close and tight i swear i could feel his heart beat. "everything is gonna be alright illie i promise you i will come back for you" he said. illlie was his nickname for he let go and walked off i just stood there as a tear slipped down my cheek. he waved goodbye and drove off. i ran home as fast as my legs could carry me and slammed my bedroom door not wanting anyone to talk to  me. i cried in my pillow until i couldnt cry anymore. that night i cried myself to sleep.



flashback over...

       A/N i will update tomorrow and comment if you liked it.

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