Midnight Light

Analy silver leads an innocentlife, full of school, work and home life. Boyfriends never even rate a mention because as far as Analy is concerned, they dont really have a use.
This all changes when she meets Jason McCan, a young businessman, with desireable eyes. However, he has his own secrets but will they ultimately scare analy away, or will she find a way to exist with midnight...


1. Revolution

-Analy's point of view-

The coldness of the cup of coke in my hands reminds me that this is not a dream, that I am in fact at a college party, with people from everywhere, here, in the same room as me. Chloe dragged me along because she thought I ought to get out more often, and so I'm sitting here in the back corner of Ebony's room, a girl we despise, and holding a drink of soft drink, that I covinced Chloe was alcohol.

No one bothers me, but probably because I wore the most boring clothes I could find in my closet; a pair of long black trackpants, black flats, and a baggy, yellow hoodie. I look horrible, but really, I dont care. I did not wish to come so there for I will not make an effort.

I take a sip of the coke, and take a deep steadying breath. The room itsself is warm, but in that second its like a cold bomb has been dropped on our heads. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up, like something, its hard to explain, but like something has just shifted in my world. Thats strange. I turn around softly, and my eyes widen.

A boy in standing there, and boy is he hot. I mean seriously hot. Like movie star hot. Tousled charamel brown hair, bright green eyes, and the gentles of tans. Black jeans, and a black leather jacket. "Hi," he says,"Can I sit there," he indicates the seat in front of me,"I'm Jason by the way, Jason McCan."

My voice seems to have temporarily left me. Taking a deep breath and another sip of coke,  I Mutter,"uhm sure I guess. Its okay with me. sure."

He rolls his eyes and sits down,"Whats your name?" Good question. What is my name? Something about his presence is dissarming, and his eyes, oh my god I could look at them all day.

-Jason's point of view'

Her face flushes bright red, somehow complimenting that horrible jumper of hers. Seriously yellow? Not a good looking colour on anyone, especially not her.

"I"m Ana," She says then corrects herself,"Analy. But I go by Ana. Ana Silver. I mean, Analy Silver. Yeah thats me. But Ana is better than Analy anyday."

No. Its not, analy is way better. I hold out my hand,"Pleased to meet you Analy."

"Ana," she corrects me with a heavy eye roll,"but yeah, pleased to meet you too Jason..I guess..?"

Damn straight. If she knew exactly whatI liked to do to girls like her, she's be on the floor kissing my feet right now. Well, maybe not, she seems a little bit shy so she'd probably just sit there, looking like an idiot. " What are you drinking,"I indicate her cup, which Im fairly certain does not contain spirits of any kind.

She blushes, a beautiful colour,"Its coke but I convinced Chloe it was some kind of beer. She believed it." She laughs nervously and looks over at a group of roudly looking girls. I know Chloe, she's a complete slut but she comes acros as a nice person, hough certainly not innocent.

We sit in silence for a while until Analy blurts out,"Do you have a girlfriend?"

She looks midly embarrased and stammers an apology. Wow. If only she knew. "No," I say with a slight hair flick,"I dont do the girlfriend thing."

"Are you gay?"



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