You and your boyfriend Harry have been dating for 3 years now. And today is your aniversary! You were sleeping when you roled over to see Harry you notice he wasen't there. But there was a note....with a flower with it. It said: Dear Grace, i have left to an interview today im sorry i can't be there with you today i know its our aniversary but i had to go to the interview with the boys im really sorry once again. Lots of love, Harry<3xx. You smiled at the note and there was a flower with it. You stood up and whent to the bathroom to change. You put on some shorts and a Hollister shirt and went downstairs to make breakfeast. But there was already breakfeast on the table and it had another note on it: Oh yeah i forgot to meantion that i made you breakfeast...hehe i made your favorite! Lots of love( again haha) Harry<3xx. I look over to see my favorite breakfeast...BACON, did i meantion that i like bacon? No okay well now you know. I sat down and started eating Harry made me for breakfeas


1. Imagine<3


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