What a girl wants: New friends & Heartbreaks

Chloe Cortez had been an amazing pop singer in the Biz but when her mother moved jobs she has to stay in a small, dirty town. Chloe's life is SO ruined. how can a popular girl be in a small town? And her friends, and her boyfriend what will she say to them? In this story, there are new friends, Wannabees, Bf/gfs and a life of a popular girl. When she meets new friends, new crushes Her life is in a BIG surprise after All that Chloe didn't even expect it.


2. See ya! Don't wanna be ya!

I can't do it! I called my friends and Luke for a "goodbye party" They were all confused but, they'll know later. Ding dong! I ran for the door and my mom came. Really? Things are about to get loud. "How dare you!! How can you let me move away from my friends and boyfriend???!?? Do you know how hard it is?" I yelled. "I know honey, but You'll have a tons of fun there.. I'm really sorry" yeah right?! " The Cortez! Moving to a SMALL country? Hell no!" "Chloe Anne Cortez! Don't talk to your mother like that!" Ding dong! "You have to go" I tell her, she nodded. "Hey! Guys!" I said. "Woow! Is everything alright Clo? We head screaming?" Luke asked. "Everything's fine" I lied. "So, why is it "goodbye party?" Amber asked "are you and Luke going for a vacay date? Romantic!" She giggled. "Uhm.. No, there's something I have to tell you guys, pls. Sit." They nodded with confusements. I'm scared, maybe I'll tear up! I can't do this! But, there's mo other option. "Hey everybody as you can see I'm Chloe and I want to sing a song for all of you and I'm sorry if its bad and pls. Listen to the lyrics carefully I can't do it through a talk but a song will do" I see Luke smiling, that made me smile too! (Guitar playing) song lyrics: I have met you for a long time, we thought it'll never end. But, there's a time that you need to move and you'll be far away...I will never forget you! And you'll never forget me we have to move on, I have no other choice for me! Our hearts will be all separated but I can't hear that you've been taken and not me.... I'll miss you oh oh! Don't forget! I'll be moving to a place idk what's it's name but I'll miss you Baby!......song ended. Tears came up from me. I saw faces that are sad, Luke got up! "Luke! Luke! Wait!" I ran for him but he ran too! I can't go after him. I saw my mom, I can see she's upset. I yelled at the microphone "Are you happy!!!!!?????" I looked for Amber, there she is! "Hey!" "Hi, Amber I'm so sorry!!" I told her. "Don't worry Im not mad but I am sad, I'll miss you!" She hugged me. "I'll miss you too!"  Tried to call Luke but he won't answer! I cried all night! Maybe about 2 pounds of tears. I went to the mall cuz shopping makes every girl happy. But, it didn't work. I saw Luke! He's looking at bracelets.. Weird.. I ran towards him but some girls from my Biz came. "Oww,it's little Chloe! Too bad UR leaving I think you need to see me and Luke on our date" Fiona, was my BFF. But decided to backstab me to date Luke. "Yea, right like that's ever going to happen" I said. "Aw.. How cute! Oh, don't worry we won't forget you! I'll make sure Luke will remember you as the girl who first broke his heart!" Then she left. I'm tearing right now but I can't let them see me defeated. I still ran to Luke, he looks upset. "Luke! I'm sorry ok? I was surprised when I heard it too! This doesn't mean goodbye!" I looked at him sincerely. "I know! Your mom made you and you have no choice, Nad I'm sorry I left I know how hard it was for you.." You have no idea! Did u see my bed? "Anyways, UR right this isn't goodbye, but Im just pissed off!" His voice is getting louder. "But, you know I'll never forget you, I'll miss you! And I love you so much" aww.. "Here" he gives me a bracelet of the two of us, sweet! "I love it! Tnx Lu! And I love you too!" I kissed him in the cheeks and he hugged me And whispered..." That wasn't enough" he said . I chuckled. Then I reached for his lips. We kissed in front of the mall!

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