What a girl wants: New friends & Heartbreaks

Chloe Cortez had been an amazing pop singer in the Biz but when her mother moved jobs she has to stay in a small, dirty town. Chloe's life is SO ruined. how can a popular girl be in a small town? And her friends, and her boyfriend what will she say to them? In this story, there are new friends, Wannabees, Bf/gfs and a life of a popular girl. When she meets new friends, new crushes Her life is in a BIG surprise after All that Chloe didn't even expect it.


4. My miserable or not life

Phew! It's been 2 weeks since I came here! I'm surprised I survived! I helped my mom catch fishes, clean the house and walk around with slippers in the sand. It's kinda good because your feeling freedom! But I still do miss my friends and my boy friend. They called me like several times and asking me how is it here and it's good cuz it's the first time I'm alone w/o friends. Live the life dudes. Well, since my mom is out for another farming and she decided that I should stay , I did! But, not in the house... I'm staying in Tuvalu but somewhere else. She doesn't know that, but who's going to tell? No one! I walked like 2 miles, I'm trying to reach the beach that I saw when we were landing. I looked around in small Tuvalu land, dirt, people walking around and playing with sand sound like fun! I noticed some people looking at me BECUZ of my clothes, WAT never saw a glamorous girl? I wanted attention but some girls laughed like I didn't belong here, BECAUSE I DON'T! But, I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore it, I couldn't really deal the pressure so I ran.. Really fast to get away from here. I didn't really focus on the road I was just tearing up. Who cares anyway? Apparently, I do! Last time, I was popular now they think of me as a snobby, yucky brat! Which I'm not! How dare they! Have they ever heard about combs and lotion? Cuz they need one! Okay, I was rushing, rushing.. And boom! "Oww!" I squeaked. I bumped my head on something, not just something a cute surfer! Oolala! "Oh! I'm sorry!" I apologized but with a hint of flirt, maybe? "No, I'm sorry! It's my fault I should've looked first, hehe" he chuckled. I looked to his eyes and he did too! "Uhhmm.. Where are you from?" He asked. "Uhhh... I really don't know I just got here like 2 weeks ago and I'm not really familiar with the place." It sounded like I was lost, wish he asked. "Well, if you want me to tour you around and all.." He said. "That would be awesome! Thanks" I smiled. "No prob. Uhm.. Hey what's yo name?" He smiled sideways. I noticed like he was shy. "My names Chloe but people call me Clo, I'm a singer and an international star!" I said proudly. He smiled and said " Wow, I'm Luke I'm an actor and as you can see, a surfer." He said. I noticed he is a bit taller than me, cool! And he has abs... Haha!! Score! He's really cute! He has brown hair with dimples and hazel eyes and a kind smile. Woo! Wait a minute there, am I falling in love? To a guy? What about Jason? I mean I know we're friends but I still like him. What am I going to do? " uhm..  Do you want to hang out sometime?" He asked. I blushed and asked "as friends?" And chuckled. "Uh.. Yeah sure" he said. "Ok! Pick me up at 5?" I asked. "Sure, bye!" He said. I smiled as a "bye". He ran to his friends in the juice stand. They're laughing and stuff and girls came over don't you dare steal my man! But they were acting just as friends. Date! Today! Ahhh!!!! I walked around and tried to get to know this place. I like their nature with waterfalls, lake and rain forests. It's wild life here! Maybe there is something to like about this place! Cute surfers, wild life and awesome beaches! Better get ready! I sprinted to the house and went to my bag. My mom looked all confused but I made a sign "heart" meaning "date". "Look at you! Found a cute one?" She asked happily. "Yes! So amazing!" I yelled. "Okay, have fun make sure he comes visit so I can see if he is the one" she said. I chuckled and said "sure..., now get out! Need to get ready!" I said. And I was off! 

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