What a girl wants: New friends & Heartbreaks

Chloe Cortez had been an amazing pop singer in the Biz but when her mother moved jobs she has to stay in a small, dirty town. Chloe's life is SO ruined. how can a popular girl be in a small town? And her friends, and her boyfriend what will she say to them? In this story, there are new friends, Wannabees, Bf/gfs and a life of a popular girl. When she meets new friends, new crushes Her life is in a BIG surprise after All that Chloe didn't even expect it.


3. Hola Tuvalu!

Here it is. Me and my mom are now on our private jet. I really can't believe I'm leaving. Let me guess, they'll say on the news, "Chloe Cortez is now moving to Tuvalu! Poor!" Ahh!!  I can't deal with it! I did some pros and cons on my pink, fab notebook. Pros: New places, adventures, new people, I can finally see a cow!, I like their meat, Not bad! Cons: Small, dirty, I can't understand their language, people there have really black skin tone and Poor. But, most people say it's paradise there, I have no idea! I'm ready! We went in to the airplane. It's a perfect weather, nice, sunny day in LA. This should be a nice plane ride, I hope cuz most people say that there's like a lot of rain going on there. BTW, I learned some Tuvalu words, "hola!" That's all I could think of. My mom held my hand before we take off "You okay?" She asked me. Why would I be? Oh yeah because Im moving! "I'm fine, I'll miss this place" I replied. But, before we took off a video suddenly popped out of nowhere, it's Luke! He send me a goodbye video, how sweet? 

       "Hey, I just wanted to say that I'll miss you so much! You have been the best girlfriend ever. I just couldn't believe that you'll be leaving and I just want you know how much i love you. We can't say "goodbye" so, lets just say "see you later" If I have the time I can visit you there. Chloe Cortez will never lose.. I love you. Luke." Aww.. How sweet! Mom shot a glance at me like, are you okay? Face. 3, 2, 1 take off! We're traveling! I looked at my window, look at those clouds, I wonder how they feel when you touch them, I was listening on my iPod.. "I wish you were here! Damn, damn, damn... " I love this song, it's feels like me, friends and Luke. I looked around and saw mom sleeping. Im happy that Im in a family who doesn't drool, that's just a No No! I see the chefs preparing our food, yummy! Here they are! chicken, salad, and fruits cutter to shapes, seriously? Are we kids? But it's look cool, though. I ate the chicken mixed with the salad. "Prepare to digest!" I popped them into my mouth, Delicious! I asked for peanuts but they had a questioned look and a waiter cam and said "hi, we not understand ok?" In a Russian accent, guess I have to get it myself. I got up and looked for the peanuts but instead I saw strawberries! Yum! I love them! I took a bite and something tasted weird, I looked at my strawberry and I saw MOLD! Ahh!! You've got to be kidding me! I tried to wash it off and the waiters looked at me strangely "What you lookin' at?" I asked. They just nodded and said "no,no" The pilot said for a landing and I looked around and  I saw a beach! Shopping malls and restaurants maybe it's not bad after all. The only problem is that I have to live in a wooden house, Totally a No, nO! As we stepped on the ground, I could feel the fresh air it's not bad.. I'm impressed. Sands on the ground, children playing, kites flying, the cool beach water, and shops this would probably turn out good. Ahh!!! You have got to be kidding me! Ok, remember the paradise thingy I saw, That wasn't it! We drove like 6 miles away from there and ended up in a SMALL town, Preba. No children running, just work and fish! Shops are gone and the only shop is the sea, the ground is a total garbage and our house I so small my bags can barely fit! NOOOO!!!!! 

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