What a girl wants: New friends & Heartbreaks

Chloe Cortez had been an amazing pop singer in the Biz but when her mother moved jobs she has to stay in a small, dirty town. Chloe's life is SO ruined. how can a popular girl be in a small town? And her friends, and her boyfriend what will she say to them? In this story, there are new friends, Wannabees, Bf/gfs and a life of a popular girl. When she meets new friends, new crushes Her life is in a BIG surprise after All that Chloe didn't even expect it.


1. Behind The Scenes

"Action!" Script: Brad! Don't leave me! I'm sorry! I have to! Why? I'm sorry! "Cut!" "That's a wrap for the day except for you Miss Chloe, meet me at my office" I nodded. I have a bad feeling about this every time Jordan calls an actor/actress bad things happen. But, I didn't do anything wrong right? I drank my sparkling water and headed for Jo's office. I noticed his pic of him and his son playing catch. Wow, look at Mr. J a long time ago Nice, cool clothes, gives out chocolate, smells good and now look at him! he's a mess! With his awful beard, baggy pants, smells like crap and a pain in the butt. Wonder what happened to him, It started when he got hired in the Biz. Hmm... I knocked at the door and  it automatically opened, cool! "Hello, you wanted to see me?" He nodded. "Have a seat" he said. I sat on the chair and looking around. Man, his office is cleaner than I thought. " Don't panic But, it's about your mom.." "What? What happened? Call 9-1-1! Where's my phone!??" "Calm down!, Nothing happened" "Oh, what's up?" "Your mom called and she wanted me to tell you she's very sorry"..."For what?" " She called and she had resigned your contract" gulp. I let him continue. " And she also wanted me to tell you that your moving to....Tuvalu, a small country far away" "What??!! Why?" "I have no idea but she wanted me to let you know your leaving in a week" what the hell? How can she do this? I got up and headed for the door, when I opened the door I saw my boyfreind Luke. He's dreamy! With his blonde hair that waves the right way, kind hazel eyes and cute dimples. He's a HOTTIE! I shot a glare at Jo and saw him trying to take candy off his beard, gross! "You ready?" He asked. "Yep, let me just get my purse and were off" He nodded.

       We headed for the car and he opened the door for me, aww So sweet! He's the best! "How's work?" I asked. "Cool! I made a new sports car model, it's sick!" "Great!" "What about u?" "Nah, nothing much" "Is Jordan still trying to loose some weight? Cuz he'll need it!" I laughed, we both laughed. I can't do this! I can't tell him! "Listen, I have bad news.." Gulp. He just looked at me. "Uhhmm... I got fired today" I lied. "What? Do u want me to talk to Jordan?!!" I noticed his voice Is getting loud. "No,no It's fine and don't you think I need a vacay?" He nodded. " yeah, your right. And we can spend more time together I miss you!" He kissed me on the forehead. Tingle! I can't spend time with you Becauz I'm moving to Tutu or Tulu? WAT ever! "I miss you too!" 

The car ride was awkward...I can't believe my mom, the president of chic company do this to me!!! I'm Chloe Cortez for god's sake! I don't belong to a small country! I'd rather go to an island alone with a monkey trying to chase a banana! But, not this! Good thing my BFF Amber called to cheer me up! We've been friends since forever! And some of my friends also called to congratulate me for the movie. Not anymore. I can't let this happen. I can't loose my BFFZ and MY BOYFRIEND! Mom! Prepare to go DOWN! I'm not leaving without a FIGHT! 

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