The Breakup

Jessica Park just got dumped by her boyfriend and she's crushed until she runs into Niall Horan and he offers her concert tickets with backstage passes will her and Niall become a couple? Or will her ex get in the way? Or can they have a normal relashinship with Niall being famous? Read this good book to find out


2. Chapter 2

Jessica's point of view I grabbed my iced coffe and head out when all of a sudden my phone vibrated it was a text from my mom it said:     "hey honey are you almost home? Cuz we were going to go out to eat" so I replied "Yeah I am I'm on my way right no- " All of a sudden someone bumped into me and I dropped My I phone and it shattered as it hit the pavement and on top of that my coffee got all over me."watch we're your going!" I screamed. And when I looked up to get I glimps of the boy who made me drop my phone.he was so hot he had brown hair that was mostly dyed blonde except at the roots and his hair was up in a quiff. But the most amazing thing was his eyes they were the color of the ocean and they had a sort of sparkle that I bet drove the girls wild. Nialls pov I couldn't believe what I did I cursed at myself in my head. When the girl looked up I noticed that she  was beautiful.She had beach blonde hair and the prettiest eyes that were bright blue. "I'm so sorry"I said,"I'm such a cluts"  "no",she said "it was totally my fault,I should of looked at where I was going" "hi, I'm Niall Horan, and the boys right behind me are Zayn Malik,Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomilison,"I said as I pointed at each boy when i said their name "and we are One Direction" "hi she said I'm Jessica Parker"  I'm so sorry " I said "here let me pay for a new coffee" I pulled out 20 bucks "oh,Niall I can't take your money this is way to much my coffee was only 2.00"  "Just take it "I said "I have enough money" After she grabbed the money out of my hand she picked up her I phone it was completely broken. "oh my god my parents are going to kill me"she said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "I'll pay for that too but I don't have enough money with me right now but I'll tell you what you take these concert tickets and this backstage pass for tomorrow and after the concert I'll have you a brand new I phone"I said smiling. She was speechless I could tell.  I looked down at my watch and it was already 5:00 "shoot "I said "we have to get going"  "bye Jessica",I said as I hugged her "see you at the concert"  Jessica's pov Oh my god i thought Niall Horan just hugged me and gave me concert tickets with a backstage pass I couldn't even think straight is this a dream I thought as I pinched myself.omg he is so cute and that strong Irish accent was adorable.I looked at my concert ticket .....front row tickets. Nialls pov As we got on the bus the boys started to make fun of me. "NIALL HAS A CRUSH" louis yelled as loud as he could "louis SHUT UP" I yelled "she might hear you" the boys cracked up laughing "um......uh....Jessica will you marry me" Zayn teased me as he tryed to mimicked me but his Irish accent sucked." oh like you guys haven't had crushes before" I sneered "we have but we dont randomly give our crushes concert tickets and back stage passes" Said Louis "I only gave her them so I could give her a new phone that she dropped when I bumpped into her" I said
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