The Breakup

Jessica Park just got dumped by her boyfriend and she's crushed until she runs into Niall Horan and he offers her concert tickets with backstage passes will her and Niall become a couple? Or will her ex get in the way? Or can they have a normal relashinship with Niall being famous? Read this good book to find out


3. Chapter 1

     *the next day*  Jessica's pov  I was getting ready for then concert I grabbed a bright red strapless ruffle top with a pair of jean shorts I curled my beach blonde hair I slipped on a pair of red flats. I also had a shoulder bag that matched my top. I put on my makeup. "mom I'm leaving" I shouted "okay,don't forget the 100 bucks on the counter" she yelled back. "why 100$" I asked. "in case your tired and just want to room at a hotel" she said  "oh okay" I said it was already 8:00 and the concert started at 9:00  "love you"she said handing me the keys. I raced out to the car and started driving to the concert this was going to be the best night of my life. Nialls pov I was doing my warm ups before the concert. "your on in 5" I heard the stage manager say. "how do I look?" I asked Liam. "you look good trust me" he assured. "In 5,4,3,2," said the stage manager signaling to Harry to go out. "how's everybody in Briton?" shouted Harry.  And we all ran out on stage and started to sing what makes you beautiful. Jessica's pov I had just gotten to my seat when Harry ran onstage and shouted "hows everybody in Briton" all the girls freaked out then all the other boys ran and stage and started to sing what makes you beautiful.
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