The Breakup

Jessica Park just got dumped by her boyfriend and she's crushed until she runs into Niall Horan and he offers her concert tickets with backstage passes will her and Niall become a couple? Or will her ex get in the way? Or can they have a normal relashinship with Niall being famous? Read this good book to find out


1. Chapter 1

I sat on my bed listening to maranda lamberts song mamas broken heart.My boyfriend had just broken up with me and I was still torn I loved him so much his name was John.Then my mom walked in while I was crying. "hey honey how's it going" she said gently I knew what was she was going to say next like she always did when I had a rough breakup. " here take this 20 dollars and go buy yourself some Starbucks" she said as she handed me the money. "Thanks mom" I said as I hugged her "your welcome,keys are on the counter" she soured as I raced out of my room and down the stairs. I stopped and did my make up and brushed my long honey blonde hair and striated it I got my favorite shorts and a t shirt with an irish flag as I pulled on my favorite pair of toms they were lime green.i quickly grabbed the car keys and raced out to the drive way.  Nialls pov Raced into Starbucks being mopped by fans."crap" liam said  I looked over and noticed that he dropped his sunglasses "well,your  definitely not getted those back" You heard Louis sneer  as a fan screamed "oh my god I have liams sunglasses"  then I fight broke out as girls screamed "there mine". "run" zanyn yelled as all 5 of us scrambled to get into a shop.  Jessica's pic When I got to starbucks I parked the car and noticed that there was a crowd of girls in front of star bucks dang i thoughts t hey  must have a new  special or something when it was my turn to order I orederd my usual and reached into my pocket to get the 20 bucks my mom gave my "another break up" said a familiar voice. I looked up and saw my best friend standing right behind me " Taylor" I shouted excitedly. "yeah" "really?! You and John, but you guys were like the perfect couple"  I waited for her to order. then we sat down waiting for them to make our drinks. I explained how he broke up with me and we updated each other on our lives. "Jessica" I heard the man shout "Taylor" another said "well see you around I said and we two said our goodbyes Nialls pov As we looked around we noticed we were in a store for men. It was completely deserted."well at least we have more privacy" I heard harry say. We looked around the shop waiting until all the fans left.Finally the coast was clear so the guys checked out and payed for the things we bought. Liam bought a new pair of sunglasses "these will replace the ones the fans took" he said "how come I'm the one always drops stuff?" he questioned. Louis bought another stripped shirt. "man Louis, you and your stripes." Harry said and we all laughed."what,you know I love stripes" he said with an innocent face. "But louis you have like 35 striped shirts"I said  "well, your close," Louis stated, " I have 37 stripped shirts."  "only you Lou,only you" Zayn said. As you guys walked out of the store
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