I won't give up

Jessica Tomlinson has a daughter with Harry Styles, but he doesn't know. Jessica and Darcy go to London to live with Louis and Eleanor. Harry and Jessica haven't seen each other in almost three years. He cheated on her and she is broken. Will he be able to win her love back or lose it forever? What will happen? Will hearts be broken or will old love repair its self?


3. Chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V

Jessica and I were sitting on a park bench, while Darcy went and played with the other children. It was silent between us until I broke it. 

"What's Darcy like," I asked?

"What do you want to know'" she asked? 

"Everything," I said. 

"Okay, well, she is shy until you get to know her, then she becomes a devil child. She loves to go places. She loves to color. She love ice cream. She loves cats. She gets attached easily and that isn't a good thing." She said. 

"Why is getting attached a bad thing," I ask. 

"When she gets attached to someone or something and they leave she is a complete mess. She gets sad and says they don't love her anymore. It breaks my heart, so Harry if you really want to be apart of her life don't ever leave. If you don't want to be apart of it leave now before she gets too attached." She said. 

"Jess she's my little girl. No she's our little girl. I'm not leaving. I know I wasn't there from the start, but I'm going to be here from now on. I want be in Darcy's life. Jessie I want to be in your life." I said.

"Harry, don't do that. Just stop," She said.

"What am I doing," I asked?

"You just can't expect me to be ok with you just coming back in my life. I'm not Harry. You can't expect me to forgive you just like that. I can't forgive you Harry. I just can't. I'm sorry. I thought I was going to be able to, but you broke me too much. I don't think I can... I'm so sorry," she said. 

"You shouldn't be apologizing I should be. Jess I know you don't want to forgive me. I Know it's going to take sometime to trust me again or you may never trust me again, but I will wait as long as I have to." I said.

"You might be waiting forever," she said.

"I know," I replied back. I was about to say something, but Darcy ran up to us. 

"Mommy, daddy, can we go get ice cweampwease," she asked us?"

"Sure, lets go," I said.

Jessica's P.O.V

We were at the ice cream store. We were waiting in line. I was holding Darcy and Harry was next to me. We haven't said anything since we were at the park. 

"How can I help you," the cashier asked?

"I'd like..." I started to say, but got cut off by someone else. 

"She would like mint chocolate chip ice cream," Harry said. I looked at him. He remembered my favorite ice cream. 

"Darcy what kind of ice cream do you want," Harry asked her?

"I want chocwate daddy," she said. 

"Ok, why don't you and mommy go get us a table and I'll bring it to you guys." He said to her. 

"OkDarce let's go get a table." I put her down and took her hand. We walked over to an empty table and sat down. I put her in my lap. Harry came over to us a few minutes later.

"Here's your chocolate ice cream Darcey," Harry said and gave it to her.

"Fank wou daddy," She said.

"Here's your mint chocolate chip ice cream," he said and gave it to me.

"Thanks Harry, but I could have ordered and paid for my self." I told him coldly.

"Come on Jess, I'm just trying to..." He started to say, but I cut him off.

"You're trying to what? If you think buying us ice cream makes up for the last two and a half years, then you are so wrong. Just stop Harry you missed almost three years of my life and your daughters." I said and got up and picked Darcy up and walked out of the ice cream shop. 

"Jessica, stop," Harry said grabbing my upper arm. 

"WHAT!" I yelled

"Jessica I'm trying really hard to be there for you both. I want to be there for you both." He said. I was really angry and regretted the next words that came out of my mouth. 

"You lost the right to be there when you cheated on me and chose your career over me." I said tears forming in my eyes. I walked away and walked home holding Darcey. 

I walked in the house and up the stairs. Darcey was falling asleep in my arms on the way home. I put her in her bed and tucked her in. I kissed her forehead and walked downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the counter and let the tears fall down my cheeks. I heard the front door open and slam close. I really hope that it's not Harry. I wiped my face and walked towards the living room. I saw the mop of curls that I ran away from turned away from me. I guess he heard me and turned around. I looked away from him. The tension is the room was high. 

"You're right, it's my fault that I didn't know about Darcey, but it's also you're fault. If you told me I would have been there for you, but you didn't Jess. You can't blame it all on me when it's partially your fault as well. When you left there wasn't one day that went by that I didn't think about you. I thought about you every single day." He said

"I thought about you every single day too. I thought we were going to last forever, so did everyone else. Our friends and family thought we were going to get married and have a family. I thought so too. When I found out you cheated on me my whole world came crashing down. I had to leave. I couldn't stand to watch you love her Harry." I said crying even more. Harry moved loser to me.

"I don't love her Jess. I love you," He said.

"I know you do, but I can't..." He cut me off.

"You can't what? You can tust me? You can't love me?" He asked?

"I don't know. When I look at Darcey everyday it's a constant reminder of you and how everything went so wrong. We were so in love and I found my self pregnant and lonely. I couldn't tell you I was pregnant because I knew how much this band meant to you! I couldn't take that away from you. I told my self that if I really loved you I wouldn't tell you. I would let you live your dream. That what I did and if it was wrong I'm sorry Harry. I-I r-r-rea-l-l-l-lly a-a-a-m." I said sobbing. Harry walked closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my head in his chest. He held me and let me cry.

"Shhh, Jessie don't cry," he said soothing me. 

"Harry, I don't want to fight with you anymore. It's not good for Darcey, and us." I said letting go of him, but still close.

"I don't want to fight with you either." he said. I smiled up at him and he smiled back. I got lost in his eyes.

"Kiss me," I said to him. He looked at me shocked. "Kiss me before I change my mind." I said to him. He took my face between his hands. I put my hands on his wrists. His face came closer to mine and the next thing I know his lips are on mine. He moves one of his hands to my waist. I move my hands to his hair. He pushed me up against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to the couch. He broke the kiss to take his shirt off. He kissed me again. This time I broke the kiss and took my shirt off.

"Jessie, are you sure," he asked?

"I'm more then sure, Harry. I love you. Make love to me." I said whispering.

"I love you too," he said and kissed me again. His hands moved all over my body. His lips went down to my neck kissing and nipping at it. His lips came back and dominanted mine. His tongue was asking for entrance and I accepted. His lifted me up a little and his hands went to my bra. He was about to undo it and...

"WHAT THE FUCK," Someone yelled. We stopped kissing and look to see who it was. It was Louis and Eleanor standing there with their mouths wide open. I was so embarrassed. Harry got off of me and I sat up. I put my shirt back on and so did Harry. I looked at Louis and he looked disappointed. Tears were in my eyes. I looked back down. No one said anything it was quiet. A few seconds later Louis spoke up.

"I can't believe you two. You were yelling at each other yesterday and now you were about to fuck on the couch. What are you thinking," He said looking at me angrily. I couldn't stop the tears that fell down. I knew he was angry.

"I'm s-s-o-o-o-r-r-rr-y," I said and ran up the stairs into Darcey's room. I closed and locked the door behind me.

"Mama, what you doing. Why you cwying," She asked? I walked over to her and sat on her bed.

"I'm ok. Don't worry about me." I said to her. She crawled over to me and hugged me.

"I don't wike when you cwy mama it makes me sad." she said. I hugged her tight.

"How about you and I go get dinner," I said to her. She smiled at me.

"Oktay," she said.

"I'm going to get ready, then I'll come help you get ready." She shook he head yes. I went and got changed. I opened my door and saw Louis standing outside the door.

"Jessica, what were you thinking," he asked me?

"What was I thinking, the only boy that I've ever loved, the father of my daughter, was slowly slipping through my fingers. I couldn't let that happen. I love him Louis. You know I do. You know he loves me. I'm sorry we were in the heat of the moment. I told him it was ok. I shouldn't of let it happen. I'm kind of glad you walked in." I said.

"It's ok Jessica, I just don't want you to get hurt." he said. I hugged him and smiled.

"Is that true Jessie you didn't want it to happen," Harry said and I look up at him. My smile faded.

"Harry I..." I started to say, but Darcey cut me off.

"Mama, I got dressed all by my self," She said. I smiled at her

"Good job," I said.

"Are Aunt Eleanor, Uwcle Wou, and daddy coming with us," she asked.

"They can if they want. Were going out to get dinner," I said smiling at her.

"Eleanor and I would love to come with you guys," Louis said. Harry didn't answer. I hope he isn't mad at Darcey she didn't do anything.

"Daddy, do you want to cwome wit us," Darcey asked? He looked at me and I shook my head yes. He smiled at her.

"I would love too," He said. Everyone walked downstairs except for Harry and I. 

"Can we talk later," I asked him?

"Every things been said that's needed to be said. I don't see the point in talking." he said.

"Harry, don't say that," I said.

"Why not it's true. How about we forget about everything," He said.

"Why are you being such an ass," I asked?

"Why am I such an ass? Maybe it's because the girl I'm so fucking in love with told me to make love to her and then told her brother that she was happy he walked in before we did."

"Harry, I..."

"Save it. There's nothing left to say. When ever you need help with Darcey I'll be there. Just remember that I love you Jessie and I'll be here until you tell to me leave." He said and walked downstairs. I stood there think about everything that's happened in the last day. I moved in with Lou and Eleanor, Harry found out about Darcey, Harry loves Darcey, Harry, Darcey, and I spent a day as a family. Harry and I have gotten into many fights, we made up, I told Harry to make love to me, Louis walked in before we did anything. I told Louis doing that with Harry was a mistake. Harry heard, we got into another fight, and I lost the love of my life... Great job Jessica...


Sorry i's been a while! Let me know what you think!! :)

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