Just A Dream

Clover's life isn't exactly perfect; that's why she escapes into her dreams. But something's different this time. Dream world is being swallowed up by a mysterious cloud, that leaves nothing but misery and death. So often she has wanted to disappear, but she's not ready to give up just yet! She only knows one thing; If she doesn't wake up before that cloud takes over, she will never wake up again!


2. The Cloud

The sweet smell of flowers filled my nose and I knew at once that I was safe. I opened my eyes to see a lilac sky float dreamily over my head. I was wearing a long, flowing dress; in my favourite kind of blue.

I pushed myself off of the grass and looked at my surroundings more carefully. To my right was a tall, black tower that looked old and sat on a melancholy hill. In front of me was a shimmering, blue ocean. Even from this distance I could hear the mermaids singing. To my left was a forest that stretched on for miles and behind me was a swirling, dark purple cloud.

I ran for the forest; anything to get away from that cloud. I didn’t know what would happen if it spread, but I figured it wasn’t pleasant. There was always a twist.

Once I had reached the forest I dared a glance behind me. The cloud may be moving, but it was extremely slow and sluggish. I walked past the many trees for only a short while before I saw a swish of silver above me. I stared upwards into a face. The girl had sleek, silvery blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were a pale lilac colour that sent little shivers down my spine.

“These are not your trees, princess, go home.” Her voice was high and cold.

“The cloud has hung over the castle; there is nowhere else I can go.” I seemed to have a sudden flash of memory as this princess so I knew what to say.

“You spoilt little brat, you want what everyone else has. These are not your trees. Leave me be.” She screeched.

“Please help me!” I pleaded.

But it was too late; she had already darted away. I looked behind me once more. The cloud had corrupted the Palace of Light, my former home, and it reflected light in random angles like a cracked mirror. If this thing covered the whole of Dream world that would probably be the end.

I squeezed my eyes shut and imagined myself waking up back home. I opened my eyes. I was still in the forest. Whenever I’d had a bad dream before I had done that and woken up. Something was different and something bad was going to happen. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach, dragging me down as I continued through the forest in search of help.

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