My what? ( harry styles fanfiction)

This story is about harry styles finding out about his *secret* which is his daughter and he has custody of her because her mother died in a car accident.


2. My daughter Aaliyah

I woke up the next morning not really remember anything until I saw a little girl with green eyes and curly hair staring at me then it all came back I'm a father. " um..hi " I said while she just looked at me. " cupcake I'm hungry " she said as she left towards the kitchen "cupcake?" I whispered to myself and shook my head and followed . When I reached the kitchen she was already sitting at the table waiting " hi cupcake " she said and then giggled " why are you calling me cupcake?" I said and then chuckled " because my mommy called you that befor she left me with nana" she said frowning at the word mommy " don't be sad mommys alright she come back one day" I said while trying to calm her down " no she's not...she's dead" she said and walked away I  felt like someone stabbed me and I mean Aaliyah's only 3 why would someone tell her that her moms dead? 


I know another VERY short chapter haha but there are plenty more to come 😘~Aaliyah 

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