My what? ( harry styles fanfiction)

This story is about harry styles finding out about his *secret* which is his daughter and he has custody of her because her mother died in a car accident.


1. Heading home

Harry's p.o.v. 

As I walked into my mothers house I heard a cry not just any cry a baby's cry...all the boys looked at me as if I should know what is it..." I have no idea..MOM WHERE ARE YOU!" I yelled " I'm here just sit on the couch we must talk" she said looking really scared " alright about what?" I asked " harry Beba your ex died in a crash and she had been keeping someone from you.." She said " what? Who?" I started to freak out " your daughter Aaliyah..shes 3 harry" she said like she was going to cry. I looked over at the lads and they looked shocked " um..where is she?" I asked i mean if she was my daughter I might as well meet her. " hold on" she said as she returned  up stairs..about 2 minutes later she returned with a small little girl who looked EXACTLY  like me. The little girl was looking at me like she was scared. " hi I'm harry and these are my friends, thats Niall,Zayn,Louis, and Liam" I said trying to get her to warm up " hi I'm aweyah" she said in the cutest little voice ever " do you want to come and sit on the couch with me?" I asked because I really wanted to hold her "yeah" she said as she ran over and hugged my leg, my mom was looking at me in "aw" I just smiled. " hey Aaliyah I'm your daddy" I said to her as all the lads watched me " I know my mommy told me you sing that song about flipping your hair" she said as she giggled " yeah haha that's me" I said as me and the lads burst into laughter!  then she sat he'd some tv until she passed out In my arms.i was still on complete shock...I have a daughter.


I know short first chapter but ill add another tomorrow or tonight ~aaliyah✌❤

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