Weddings & Graduations

Austin and Ally are getting married and Dez and Trish are graduating from high school every thing seems to be okay but when Austin is offered a record deal in New York will he take it?


3. Surprises & Sadness

*goes to Austin & Ally's room* 

Austin: Ally are you okay 

Ally: no ...*starts to tear up* not really 

Austin: what's wrong 

Ally: Dez and Trish are moving to New York 

Austin: well we are too

Ally: what?

Austin: Star Records is moving up there and so are your parents and Adam and Kira and my parents 

Ally: why didn't you tell me this sooner 

Austin: Dez and Trish don't know about it we're surprising them with the news tomorrow at their going away party 

*goes to Dez and Trish's going away party at sonic boom* 

*Austin walks on stage* 

Austin: hi everybody I just wanted to say that Dez and Trish are my best friends I'd do anything for them and I have a surprise for you guys Ally, Adam, Kira, my Mom, my Dad, Mr & Mrs Dawson, Jimmy, and I are all coming to New York with you 

*Trish walks on stage* 

Trish: really?

Austin: yep 

*Trish runs over and hugs Ally* 

*Dez comes on stage and hugs Austin*

Dez: best day ever! 

Austin: your so weird 

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