Weddings & Graduations

Austin and Ally are getting married and Dez and Trish are graduating from high school every thing seems to be okay but when Austin is offered a record deal in New York will he take it?


2. Married Couples & Majors

*goes to the church chapel* 

Preacher: you may now kiss the bride 

*Austin & Ally kiss*

*everyone cheers*

*the bridal party walks out* 

*goes to the reception* 

Austin: your mine forever now!

Ally: yep and your mine forever 

Austin: promise 

Ally: promise 

Abby: promise! 

Ally: she talked again! 

Austin: your growing up on me way too fast princess 

Ally:I'm gonna go to talk to Trish and Dez

*Ally walks over to Trish and Dez* 

Ally: so I never asked you guys what are you majoring in? 

Trish: fashion design 

Dez: I'm going to film school 

Ally: awesome! Where are the schools? 

Trish: they're in New York 

Ally: what...

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