Weddings & Graduations

Austin and Ally are getting married and Dez and Trish are graduating from high school every thing seems to be okay but when Austin is offered a record deal in New York will he take it?


1. Goodbyes & Googly Eyes

*goes to the school's auditorium* 

Austin: I can't believe Dez and Trish are graduating 

Ally: too bad we'll never get to

Austin: we'll be fine Ally we both have good jobs and the baby will have a good future 

Adam: here comes Trish 

Announcer: Patrica De La Roesea!

*Trish walks on stage and shakes the mans hand* 

*15 more people go* 

Announcer: Dezmond Fisher!

*Dez walks on stage and shakes the man's hand*

*after the graduation*

Ally: I am so proud of you guys!

Trish & Dez: thanks! 

Abby: p-p-proud 

Austin: she talked! 

Ally: she's growing up to fast! 

Austin: Ally your not pregnant again are you 

Ally: got ya 

Adam: c'mon lets go! 

Ally: alright we're coming 

*they all get in Adams car*

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