Best Friends or More Than That

Haleigh, Hannah, Lindsey and Alyssa are best friends. They are also best friends with Haleigh's cousin, Harry Styles and his bandmates. When the boys are off tour for a while what will happen with everyone's friendships?

Hannah: 18 years old 2nd popular single
Haleigh: 18 years old 1st popular single
Alyssa: 17 years old 3rd popular crush on Louis
Lindsey: 17 years old 4th popular crush on Liam
Senior year of high school

Harry: 19 single crush on Hannah
Niall: 20 single crush on Haleigh
Liam: 20 dating Danielle
Zayn: 20 dating Perrie
Louis: 21 dating El


2. Sleepover

Harry's POV

        (Phone call with Hannah)

            "Hey Hannah."


            "What are you doing tonight?"

            "I'm supposed to be studying. Why?"

            "Do you want to sleepover?"


            "Haleigh and Niall are coming over too." I say before she makes up an excuse not to come.


            "Are your parents going to be home tonight?"

            "Yeah, so I'll have to sneak out."

            "I'll pick you up around seven. 'Kay?"

            "Um... Yeah that's fine."

            "Ok, so I'll pick you up later. Bye."


            Now I have to invite Niall and Haleigh.

        (Phone call with Niall)

            "Hey Niall."

            "Hey Harry. Whats up?"

            "Hannah's sleeping over my house tonight. Do you want to join us?"

            "Oh, um, I'm picking Haleigh up later so I can help her study."

            "Well call her and ask if she wants to come then."

            "Ok. Bye Harry."

            "Bye." Before I could hang up I heard Niall mumble something.

            "Jeez. Annoying much."

            "Um.. Niall?"

            "Oh.. whoops. I thought I hung up already. Well I'll call Haleigh. Um.. Bye." And the line went dead. I quickly text Haleigh.

            To Haleigh

                Hey Haleigh. Tonight Hannah's sleeping over and Niall might b. Do u want 2 join us?

            From Harry

            Seconds later I receive a reply.

             To Harry

                 Sure but I'm going 2 have 2 sneak out like last time. I can't drive there or else my parents will notice. So I can walk. K?

              From Haleigh

             I reply immediately.

             To Haleigh

               Niall can pick u up. Don't walk. My parents aren't home so it will just be us. K so I'll see u later.

             From Harry

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