Best Friends or More Than That

Haleigh, Hannah, Lindsey and Alyssa are best friends. They are also best friends with Haleigh's cousin, Harry Styles and his bandmates. When the boys are off tour for a while what will happen with everyone's friendships?

Hannah: 18 years old 2nd popular single
Haleigh: 18 years old 1st popular single
Alyssa: 17 years old 3rd popular crush on Louis
Lindsey: 17 years old 4th popular crush on Liam
Senior year of high school

Harry: 19 single crush on Hannah
Niall: 20 single crush on Haleigh
Liam: 20 dating Danielle
Zayn: 20 dating Perrie
Louis: 21 dating El


4. Party?


        Luckily my parents already went to bed so I snuck out the front door.

        "Hi Harry."

        "Hey. Ready to go?"

        "Yeah." We got in his car and drove down the road to his house. As soon as we pulled into his driveway I heard Lindsey, Haleigh and Alyssa talking to Niall.

       "Hey Hannah!" Haleigh yelled.

       "Hey." I reply, even though shes not looking at me anymore. I get out of the car and while Harry grabbed my bag and turned to shut the car door, but Harry beat me to it.

        "I can take my bag."

        "No, it's fine." He's such a gentleman.


        While Harry was unlocking the door I grabbed the girls bags from the trunk.

        "We can take our bags." Lindsey says.

        "No, I got it. Don't worry about it."

        "Ok." Haleigh giggles.

        As soon as we get inside there's music blaring, random people are partying, Louis' sitting on the couch talking to Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor and Liam's making out with Danielle. As soon as I saw Liam making out with Dani I thought, Of course you make out when there's strangers around, but nowhere near your best friends. It doesn't bother me, I just think its weird.

        "Um, Harry?" I question.

        "I don't know," He answers,"All I did was leave Liam, Dani, Louis, El, Zayn and Perrie here for 15 minutes." He pulls Hannah and Haleigh closer to him while Lindsey and Alyssa hook arms with them. Finding our way through the crowd, I drop the girls bags in a corner and try catching up with them, but two girls blocked my path.

        "What?" I ask irritated.

        "Dance with us!" They whined, obviously drunk. Of course I get stuck with these idiots.

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