Best Friends or More Than That

Haleigh, Hannah, Lindsey and Alyssa are best friends. They are also best friends with Haleigh's cousin, Harry Styles and his bandmates. When the boys are off tour for a while what will happen with everyone's friendships?

Hannah: 18 years old 2nd popular single
Haleigh: 18 years old 1st popular single
Alyssa: 17 years old 3rd popular crush on Louis
Lindsey: 17 years old 4th popular crush on Liam
Senior year of high school

Harry: 19 single crush on Hannah
Niall: 20 single crush on Haleigh
Liam: 20 dating Danielle
Zayn: 20 dating Perrie
Louis: 21 dating El


5. Hot Messes or Hot Dresses


     We follow Harry into his bedroom and stop walking.

     "I'll be right back. Stay here." He said and left.

     "I thought it was supposed to be just the boys and us." Alyssa whined.

     "I know. But we can still have fun tonight." Haleigh says with a mischievous smile.

     "Harry told us to stay put though." Hannah complained.

                            Knock Knock Knock

     Three girls walk in and say things like "OMG!" and "You've got to be kidding. How are you wearing that to a party?!?" All we did in reply is shrug.

     "Come with us. This will be our little secret." Haleigh, Alyssa and I followed but Hannah refused. Two of the three girls dragged her up and out of the room, so we followed. Once we got into the spare bedroom they handed each of us a dress.





       "What are these for?" I question.

       "They're for you. To wear. To the party. Downstairs." The leader of the girls explained as if we were dumb.

      "Oh." Haleigh came out of the bathroom with hers on, and she looks beautiful. Hannah put hers on, shockingly, and she looks amazing.


       Lindsey, Hannah and Haleigh are marveling over each others dresses while nobody's even noticing me. I finally speak up, "Does my dress look good?"

       Hannah turns, looks me up and down, then says, "Love it!" Just to turn back to Haleigh and Lindsey. I look around and notice Niall partying with two random girls in the living room.

      "Haleigh, lets go party with Niall." I suggest.

      "Ok!" We run downstairs and up to Niall.

      "Heyyy!" Haleigh shouts over the music.

      "Hey Haleigh!" He looks drunk.


      "Watcha drinking?"

      "Um... Here try some." Niall replies, handing me his cup. I take a sip and ask again, "What is it?"

      "It's a margarita."

     "Isn't that alcohol?"

     "Yeah, why?"

     "You gave me alcohol!?!"

     "Relax. Its not going to kill you."

     "Are you sure?" I ask sarcastically, "Because I thought it would poison me."

     "Of course I'm sure. Anyway, come over here."

     "Ok." He brings us to a couch and sits down.

     "Sit down," He laughs, "If you keep standing you'll end up on the floor." I sit down next to him but he pulls me onto his lap. Lindsey and Alyssa sit on the opposite couch while Hannah just stares at us.

     "Im going to find Harry." She says and walks off in the opposite direction.

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