Best Friends or More Than That

Haleigh, Hannah, Lindsey and Alyssa are best friends. They are also best friends with Haleigh's cousin, Harry Styles and his bandmates. When the boys are off tour for a while what will happen with everyone's friendships?

Hannah: 18 years old 2nd popular single
Haleigh: 18 years old 1st popular single
Alyssa: 17 years old 3rd popular crush on Louis
Lindsey: 17 years old 4th popular crush on Liam
Senior year of high school

Harry: 19 single crush on Hannah
Niall: 20 single crush on Haleigh
Liam: 20 dating Danielle
Zayn: 20 dating Perrie
Louis: 21 dating El


1. Home at Last

      I, Harry Styles, and the lads are home. Finally. Being on tour for 4 months can be brutal to your hearing. So many screaming girls and, strangely, guys. Louis went home to El, Liam to Dani, Zayn to Perrie, while Niall and I are single. My cousin and Niall's best friend, Haleigh, is coming to visit with her friends. I remember when we were all 5, 6 and 7. Haleigh knew Hannah from preschool so I got to know Niall. Now were in One Direction together, but I think you already know that. Haleigh is 18, Hannah 18, Niall 20 and I am 19. Niall "secretly" has a crush on Haleigh and I have a HUGE crush on Hannah. Its really weird when you think about how we acted earlier in life and now.


                                   Flashback November 21, 1998

         "Tag, your it Niall!" I had just tagged him in the middle of our famously awesome game of tag. It was Haleigh's 5th birthday party and only 7 people were here. Hannah, Niall, Skyler, Abby, Riley (from her preschool) and of course, I was there.

         Skyler's parents had just gotten here and was picking up Skyler, Abby and Riley. That left us 4 best friends. Out of nowhere we had heard Haleigh scream, so, of course, Niall and I had brought Hannah inside and went looking for her. A large, white van had just pulled out of the driveway, so we followed it. When it stopped at the old grave yard we hid behind a large bush.

        "Let me go!" Haleigh whined. Niall having a crush on Haleigh, stepped out of our hiding spot and grabbed her hand.

        "Leave her alone!" I followed Niall and grabbed her other hand. "Let go, punks." Huffed an older looking man. Niall kicked him in the shin and we made a run for it back to the house. Making it safely inside, Niall went and cleaned Haleigh up. Lucky for me, Hannah comes over to me and says, "Thank you for saving my best friend, Harry." And hugged me. Thats when I first started to have feelings for her.

          End of flashback




Authors Note:

                     Haleigh used to live in Ireland with her family until they moved back to London. Now all the boys have a flat in London while Hannah, Lindsey and Alyssa all live in ordinary houses with their parents.

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