I think I love him...

Emma is just your average 19 year old girl. She's going off to college soon when she relieves bad news, but does she ever find out what it is?


2. Eleanor?

Emma's P.O.V.


     I check the address once more before I walk in. This is it. The apartment building I was staying in for 4 long years. I check in and take the lift to the 5 floor. I go to room 137 and open the door using my key. I sit all the boxes down and have the moving guys sit the furniture down. I then lay down on the cold, hard ground and take a nap. 


Eleanor's P.O.V.


I hear a thud I the apartment upstairs. I knew someone was movin in but I didn't know when. I decided to go upstairs an welcome them. I first decided to make a welcome gift. I went to the small kitchen and grabbed the ingredients for an ice cream cake. I mixed the ingredients and put it in the freezer while I got my makeup and clothes on. I painted my nails and put on my sandals. It was summer so I was wearing shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my phone an walked out to the lift. I hit the button for the fifth floor and went to room 137. I knocked and heard a grumble. There was a thump then the door opened. A beautiful girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes opened the door. She was short and thin but looked tired. I felt bad so I asked her if I should come back later. "No!" She said, "Come in! I'm sorry it's a mess. I just arrived about and haven't had the chance to unpack. I actually just woke up from a nap. I know I look terrible. I'm so sorry!" She chuckles. "It's okay! Here, I made you an ice cream cake to welcome you," I say. She thanks me and takes it to the kitchen and puts it in the empty refrigerator. I chuckle at her reaction and walk in. "I hope you have fun living here. I better get going," I say. "Wait!" She says, "Stay here! You've been so kind, it's my turn!" "Thank you, but I need to get back to Louis and the boys," I say. Her expression shifts. "Can you take off your glasses for me for a minute?" She asks. I nod an take them off. She looks at me in disbelief. "You're, you're ELEANOR CALDER!!!!" She shouts. I nod and chuckle at her reaction. I ask her to come visit the boys an I then go out for pizza, but she says she needs to start unpacking. I tell her okay, then leave and go back to my apartment to get ready. Tonight was going to be fun!

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