Forgetting the past (1D)

Lauren Mathews' life is complicated - her dad was brutally murdered at the age of nine, her sister was kidnapped a year ago and her mum passed away from brain cancer. At the tender age of 15, Lauren never knew life could be so cruel. Until she was adopted by the five most famous boys in the World. Can One Direction make her see that her life wasn't destined for death and depression? But can there still be love? Life is unfair, happiness never lasts forever....


1. Prologue



5th January 2007


“Lauren,” Abby’s mum, Cassidy, called up the stairs. Sighing, I gathered my overnight bag and stationery set.

“See you tomorrow, Abs,” I said as I went down the stairs. Cassidy’s face was full of pity at the sight of me bounding down the stairs, brown curls bouncing on my shoulders. I disregarded this in a matter of seconds and said goodbye to her as I pirouetted out of the door.

I crossed the road but when I got to the other side, my face widened in shock, horror, fear, confusion and excitement. Police tape covered the area of my house, as if not letting it escape. There were multiple police cars and an ambulance. Two men carried a stretcher with a body covered beneath black material into the van. I stepped towards the house infested with police officers when I felt a large hand being placed on my shoulder, stopping me from going anywhere.

“Sorry, this perimeter is off limits,” he said in his deep voice.

“But I live here,” I replied innocently, my mind lingering on the words that I didn’t understand.

The man nodded and spoke incoherently into his walkie talkie. He steered me into my house. The mood felt a lot different from the night before; the curtains were wide open even though it was the night, there was plastic on the floors and there was a lot of noise.

Full of curiosity, I peeked over a detective’s shoulder and gasped at the sight of him examining a pool of blood. My outburst was drowned out by the loud sobs and hysterical shrieking coming from the living room.

I raced towards the living room, pushing in front of all the adults, and saw my mother’s face buried under a woman’s shoulder, while bouncing my two year old sister on her knee.

“Mum!” I exclaimed, replacing the stranger to comfort my mother. I didn’t know what was happening; I felt alone and left out even though I was in a room full of people.

“What happened?” I asked. Although I was only nine years old, I was really mature and responsible for my age.

Mum started to talk, but I couldn’t un- jumble her messed up words. I turned towards the stranger, expecting a straight forward answer.

“Your father has been murdered.”





5th January 2012


“Madison!” I shouted, racing down the escalator, pushing people to the side. I mumbled ‘sorry’ as I jumped three steps early and sprinted in-between the tightly packed crowd.

“Madison!” I screamed. My heart pumped blood through my veins quickly, giving me plenty of energy. I kept screaming my seven year old sister’s name. It was my dad’s fifth year death anniversary, and my mum wanted to go to his grave alone. I had been given the responsibility of looking after Madison for the day, but I had messed up. Big time.

What if she was curled up in a corner, scared of being by herself in a large shopping centre. It was her first time here – she wouldn’t know how to find the exit. As I turned the corner, I saw a glimpse of her bright blonde hair. I followed her as quick as I could, literally shoving people out of my path.

“Madison! Stop!” I screamed, willing her to stop. When I ran outside, the wind made me stagger back. I resisted and pushed against it, cursing to myself. Once I was running in the same direction as the wind, I saw Madison being shoved into a dark tinted car by a muscular man and being driven away.

“NO!” I screamed so loud that people around me turned to look. A steady stream of tears flowed down my flushed cheeks, which were rapidly changing to deathly white.

My sister hadn’t been lost. She had been kidnapped.





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