Forgetting the past (1D)

Lauren Mathews' life is complicated - her dad was brutally murdered at the age of nine, her sister was kidnapped a year ago and her mum passed away from brain cancer. At the tender age of 15, Lauren never knew life could be so cruel. Until she was adopted by the five most famous boys in the World. Can One Direction make her see that her life wasn't destined for death and depression? But can there still be love? Life is unfair, happiness never lasts forever....


10. Chapter 9 - Lauren

*Two months later*

As soon as I got inside the building I had been calling ‘home’ for the past month, I flung my school bag on the stairs, jumped on the couch and switched on the TV using the remote control. Today had been like any other day: people begging me for photos with One Direction, others calling me names and my mind racing with thoughts.

Although it had only been two weeks since the boys had left to travel around the UK for their tour, I felt lonely and sad. It felt as if the days had dragged on, intent on torturing me. The past two weeks had been repetitive – wake up, go to school, get home, do homework, have dinner, go to sleep. I thought living with the World’s most famous boy band would be an exciting and unforgettable experience, but, as always, I was disappointed.

I should have known that they wouldn’t have much time for me. I should have known that they’d be on tour for half the year and working on the next album. I should have known that they were still teenagers and boys at heart.

But I had let my hopes soar massively and here I was; still the dull, boring, and sad fifteen year old I was before I had been adopted. At least I was safe. Robert and his ‘posse’ were no longer seen. Maria came daily to check I was alright when the boys were gone. Life was good. Better than before, at least.

Each day I waited impatiently near the phone; ears fixed, waiting for the sound of the ring. Jessica (my social worker and close friend) promised me that as soon as any news was heard about my sister, good or bad, she would inform me immediately. Part of me wished that she was dead so that she didn’t have to go through not being here with me, and partly that I didn’t want to tell her our mother had died and she missed the last year with her.

Everyone told me it was okay to worry, that it was natural to be depressed. But still. I wanted her safe. In my sight. Where I could protect her.

“Lauren?” a voice called from the door.

“Harry?” I called back, a  little too enthusiastically.

“Hey! We brought Nandos, little chick,” Harry said, placing the bags on the coffee table. Instantly the aroma of chicken and chips filled my insides with warmth.

“That smells so good! Thank you!” I said, ramming a chicken burger down my throat.

“Careful, you don’t want to choke! I don’t really feel like relishing the first aid lesson in year two,” he chuckled.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, crumbs flying out of my mouth.

I hadn’t eaten properly for the past few weeks. The dread filled inside me constantly, and any food I had managed to eat just came out. The same way it came in.

“When was the last time you had eaten?” Zayn asked, dropping himself on the plush white armchair and switching channels.

I shrugged. Honestly, I don’t remember. I think it was yesterday night, when I had achieved half a large cheesecake. New York style. The best cheesecake ever.

“Let’s go shopping!” Niall burst out.

“Why?” I asked, wiping the tomato ketchup off me.

“Because we’re having a paaaaarrrttttt-aaaaaayyyyyy!” he screamed.

“Oh yeah, forgot about that. Isn’t that past Lauren’s bed time? She has school the next day. And there’s going to be alcohol. A lot of it,” Louis said smugly.

“Who cares? She needs to let her hair down. And Lauren is a sensible, mature girl. Right?” Niall said, gulping down water.

“Yeah, that’s right. She needs to loosen up, doesn’t she?” Harry agreed, looking at the others.

They all nodded and began to talk about what I should wear.

“Hello?” I said icily.

“Yes?” Harry replied.

“I am here, you know?” I said flippantly.

“Sorry, love. We want to show out all your best features!” Niall enthusiastically exclaimed. Louis just observed the scene in silence, looking defeated.

“Who said I wanted to go to the party?” I asked, raising my eyebrows daringly.

“We do. Now shut up and let’s go.” Harry and Niall dragged me into the car, with me shouting at the fact that I was still in my uniform.

“Who cares?” Liam said as he buckled into the car.

“People are going to find out which school I go to and harass me!” I shrieked.

“They already know which school you go to,” Louis said, as if it were already obvious.

A frown was etched on my face when we were driven away to Bullring shopping centre. Why didn’t I have a choice in choosing what I do and not do? I honestly didn’t want to go shopping, let alone go to the party.

“Look, it’ll be fine, OK?” Harry patted my knee.

“Do you like my disguise?” I looked at him and burst out laughing. He was wearing a French moustache and a black afro wig, sporting United Kingdom sunglasses with the Primark tag still on.

“Honestly,” I started doubtfully. “Everyone is going to think you’re a mental patient.”

He rolled his eyes and chuckled, before delving back into the box.

“Anyway, how was the start of your tour?” I asked, fiddling with some loose string.

“It was amazing!” Louis gushed. Then his face fell. “It was the usual.”

“Just asking,” I muttered, rolling my eyes. “When do you go back on tour?”

“Next week,” Liam answered. “For a three weeks. Then we come back for a few days. And then we start the north American leg of the tour.”

I nodded silently.





“How about this one?” Niall asked, holding up a pale blue dress with a belt around the waist.

“Too short,” I said, tapping away on my phone.

“This one?” he asked. I skimmed the one sided peach dress.

“Too tight,” I concluded.

“This one?” he held up an ankle-length black dress.

“Too old.”

“Lauren is so fussy,” Louis grumbled.

“No she’s not. She just wants to look gorgeous, don’t you, pie?” Harry said sweetly, rustling through the railing of dresses and asking me if I liked them. And me saying no.

“Yeah,” I said hesitantly. “Course I am.”

“How about this one?” Niall asked, holding up a dress.

Just as I was about to say no, he interrupted me by saying, “It’ll look better on you than on the hanger. Trust me.”

I just nodded, wanting to go home.

The boys walked right into the ladies’ changing rooms, Niall leading the way.

“Come on, Louis. Don’t be a wimp,” Liam complained, dragging an embarrassed Louis inside.

They sat down on the chairs, while I went inside a cubicle with the material.

“Niall, get out,” I said sharply.

“No,” he whimpered, pouting.

“Niall,” I said strictly.

“Fine,” he huffed, storming out and sitting with the others.

I tugged off my trousers and unbuttoned my blouse. I gently pulled on the dress and walked out the cubicle.

All their eyes widened when they saw me.

“Good lord,” Harry mumbled.

“Wow,” Niall whispered.

“She has curves,” Louis said in wonder.

“What the? Seriously, what’s wrong?” I said, annoyed.

“It’s perfect!” Zayn squealed.

I raised my eyebrows. “Too much time with Perrie?”

“Yeah,” he confirmed, ashamed.

“Have you seen yourself?” Liam asked.

“No, there’s no mirror.”

He pointed to the large mirror on the wall and gestured for me to go look at myself. I gingerly walked there.

The girl in the mirror had her brown hair down. The navy blue dress came down to the middle of her thigh and tightened at the waist. There were no straps and showed her delicate shoulders.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

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