Forgetting the past (1D)

Lauren Mathews' life is complicated - her dad was brutally murdered at the age of nine, her sister was kidnapped a year ago and her mum passed away from brain cancer. At the tender age of 15, Lauren never knew life could be so cruel. Until she was adopted by the five most famous boys in the World. Can One Direction make her see that her life wasn't destined for death and depression? But can there still be love? Life is unfair, happiness never lasts forever....


7. Chapter 6 - Harry

“I want to adopt her,” I said out of the blue at breakfast the next day. Well, it was ten am and we had just arrived from an interview in daybreak. During the night I had been thinking if I wanted to adopt her, and I came to the conclusion that I did. She needed someone to look after her; she couldn’t just stay there and keep on getting beaten up, could she?

“What?” Niall choked, crumbs flying out of his mouth. Some lucky pieces of that butter scone got to be free, even if they were covered in his saliva.

“Are you sure, mate? It’s a big step and we haven’t seen everyone yet,” Liam said.

I nodded confidently. “I want to. Do you?”

“Well,” Liam started. “I do. I mean, she’s a lovely girl, seems capable of being by herself and although she’s not the world’s greatest singer, the song she wrote was amazing.”

“She’s gorgeous, isn’t she Harry?” Zayn smirked.

“I, no, uh, yeah, I mean, um,” I stuttered, my cheeks turning crimson. Damn Zayn for ruining a serious moment.

“I want to adopt her!” Niall shrieked, neglecting the packet of scones sitting on the kitchen counter.

I started smiling. “Well, I guess since we want to adopt her, we should ask?”

Someone cleared their throat to the right of me. Louis was lounging on the sofa, remote control in hand and glaring at me. “So I don’t get a say in this life changing decision, hm?”

Gulping, I tried to reassure him with a, “Of course you do.”

“How come I haven’t been asked yet?” Louis said coldly. “Last time I checked, I was part of One Direction.”

“Wow,” I heard Niall mumble. I ignored him and went back to my conversation with Louis.

I replied, guiltily might I add, “Well. Do you want to adopt Lauren?”

“No.” Louis turned back to the TV.

“Oh, come on!” I exclaimed. “Why not?”

“Oh my god,” Niall mumbled in the corner.

“Because I said so.”

“Why not?” I shouted, throwing my hands in the air.

“Because I don’t want to!” Louis shouted back.

“Why?!” I shouted, wanting the thought behind Louis’ answer.


“Hey guys, did you know that if I guy pees on a pregnancy test and it turns out positive, it means they could have testicular cancer?” Niall said all of a sudden.

My eyebrows were so deeply furrowed that I didn’t think they could go any lower.

“These are really good facts!” Niall said.

“Where?” Liam asked cautiously.

“Twitter,” he replied casually.

I rolled my eyes and sat back down on the sofa. “So,” I started calmly. “I think we should have a vote.”

“Democracy?” Niall asked. “Aw man.”

“I agree with Harry on this,” Zayn said. I nodded thanks to him and he replied with a nod.

“Yeah. It’s the most sensible way,” Liam said, pointedly.

“Fine,” Louis huffed.

“What are we voting on, to be precise?” Niall said, dropping himself next to me.

“Whether we want to adopt Lauren or not,” I said.

“Right, well, I think we should have two people, one for and one against, to say a speech. Then everyone will vote,” Liam said.

“I’ll be for adopting Lauren,” I immediately said.

“I’ll be against,” Louis said, just as I suspected.

“Okay, well. I’ll go first.” I took a deep breath to steady myself. “Lauren looks as if she’s bright and happy on the outside, but on the inside I can see her dying. I’m afraid that she might try and kill herself in the foreseeable future; can’t you see what all this has done to her? And for everything to happen on the same date each year is just creepily coincidental, don’t you think? She needs support and someone to love and cherish her, to be there when she needs help, or just someone to talk to. She can’t stay there because she gets pressurised and beaten. What good is this? I know this is a group decision, but I’m desperate to adopt her. Please.”

When I sat down, I ignored everyone’s stares and focused on the cream coloured walls. The pattern of the irregular swirls as they flowed from one another; the bumps that stood out. Flashes from my life played like a documentary – from my first day at primary school, to my first day at the bakery, to the moment of going through auditions. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster, but I enjoyed it. Every second of it. Yet Lauren wasn’t. She couldn’t. Only if someone adopted her could make her appreciate life, so I was going to try.

I had become so dissolved in my thoughts that I had missed Louis’ speech.

“So,” Liam said, bringing me out of my thoughts. “Who votes we should adopt Lauren?”

Liam’s, Niall’s, Zayn’s and my hands went up, leaving a defeated Louis gripping his head in his hands.

“Yes!” I punched the air with my hand excitedly. “Let’s get her now!”

“Harry, wait,” Liam said, grabbing my arm.

“What?” I innocently asked.

“It’s not that simple.”

“What do you mean? We tell Mrs Hattinaire we want to adopt Lauren, she packs her stuff and she comes with us home!”

Liam sighed and rolled his eyes, gesturing me to sit down. “Let me take the honour of explaining the adoption process.”

“I guess the world isn’t what it seems,” I muttered incoherently.

“First, we have to get permission from her social worker to have days out with her.”

“Social worker?” I asked, astonished. “There are social workers?”

“Yes,” Liam sighed. “Social workers. We talk to them and we have days out with Lauren. Then if things are progressing, she comes and has a night here. If everyone goes smooth and we’re all happy, she gets to live with us. But we can send her back any time.”

“Who’d want to?”

“We’ve met her for a period of one hour. One hour isn’t long enough to determine whether we want to adopt her or not.”

“Okay, okay. So what do we do now?” I said.

“Boys,” Liam called to everyone. “We’re going back to Locky Foster home.”

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