Forgetting the past (1D)

Lauren Mathews' life is complicated - her dad was brutally murdered at the age of nine, her sister was kidnapped a year ago and her mum passed away from brain cancer. At the tender age of 15, Lauren never knew life could be so cruel. Until she was adopted by the five most famous boys in the World. Can One Direction make her see that her life wasn't destined for death and depression? But can there still be love? Life is unfair, happiness never lasts forever....


5. Chapter 4 - Harry

The boy I had seen earlier, called Robert, emerged out of the bedroom: knuckles bleeding, face flushed and dishevelled hair. His eyes had a glint of anger and frustration, as if he didn’t get what he wanted. When he saw me staring at him wide-eyed, he looked a little panicked but covered it up with a fierce look.

“You say anything ‘bout this,” he hissed, stabbing a finger at me. “And I’ll hunt you down, mummy’s boy. Got that?”

I gulped and nodded, racing down the stairs.

“Here are the seven inhabitants of Locky foster home,” Mrs Hattinaire said, showing the boys the computer screen.

There were images of the kids, along with a link to their profile. The photos looked happy, until I got to the last one. It was of a girl –the only girl as a matter of fact- and she looked as if she was about to cry. She had chestnut brown hair that flowed out of the photo, her blue eyes sparkled and she had a birthmark next to her right ear. The photo mesmerised me so much. Is that the girl who screamed just now? I thought to myself. Probably.

“Click on that one,” I said, pointing to the picture of the girl. Mrs Hattinaire obeyed, and clicked on the photo. It came up to a page with everything about her.

“This is her file. I shouldn’t really be showing you it but I’ll let you anyway. It’s a tear-jerker, that one is,” she smiled tightly. “I’ll leave you alone.” She left the room, leaving the silence and webpage.

Name: Lauren Mathews

Age: Fifteen

DOB: 18th October 1997

Parents: James Mathews (deceased) & Lucy Mathews (deceased)

Siblings: Madison Mathews (unknown whereabouts)


At the age of nine years old, Lauren’s father was mysteriously murdered in his own home. At the age of fourteen, her seven year old sister, Madison, was kidnapped at Brent Cross shopping centre, London. Recently, her mother passed away from brain cancer. Lauren is a fragile girl and must be treated with care.

“Oh my gosh,” Niall gasped.

“I second that,” Louis said.

“Third it,” Liam whispered.

“Fourth it,” Zayn said.

They looked at me expectantly. I couldn’t say anything. All this had happened to her, and now goodness knows what happens here? I can’t even bear to think about what has happened since she’s the only girl in this house hold.

“How long has she been here for?” I asked.

Louis shrugged. “I’ll get the lady.”

“Do you have any questions?” she asked when she came in the room.

“How long has she been here for?” I asked, directing my head to the screen.

She peered at the name, and sighed in pity. “Ah, she’s had a tough few years. She’s been here for roughly two weeks. Yesterday there was an ‘incident’ with one of the boys here. She had to go to hospital.”

My face turned deathly pale. “Are you alright, Hazza?” Liam asked.

“Harry?” Louis asked. No one felt like joking today. This was serious. And serious meant no fooling around. It would be disrespectful. Although I certainly didn’t feel in a jokey mood anyway.

“What happened?” I asked, ignoring the boys’ concerns.

“According to her, the oldest boy, Robert, pushed her into a tray of plates and cut her on her arm.”

“I want to see her,” I demanded.

“What makes you so eager now? Cause she’s a girl?” Louis joked. I sent him cold glare. He shut up immediately.

“Yes, of course. Follow me; she should be in her room.” Mrs Hattinaire led us back up the stairs, and into the same room Robert came out from.

She knocked lightly on the door three times, and waited patiently for a reply.

“Who is it?” a girl asked softly, sniffling afterwards.

“It’s me, love. Can I come in? There are some people who want to meet you.”

“I don’t want to see anyone right now.”

“You’ll want to see them, trust me.” Mrs Hattinaire turned to us and whispered, “There isn’t any locks on the doors, for safety reasons, but I prefer to only go in with their permission.”

Liam nodded in approval. He respects people’s privacy.

A few moments later, the door slightly opened. The same girl from the photo stood there, her eyes rimmed red and her hair loosely tied in a ponytail. She was wearing baggy grey jogging bottoms and an orange top that said “Chill the eff out – iisuperwomanii”. She was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. It was obvious she was devastated. The impact must be a lot worse than anyone could imagine. From that second, I vowed I would protect her.

“Lauren, this is One Direction. One Direction, this is Lauren, our newest addition to the house,” Mrs Hattinaire smiled broadly, introducing everyone. Lauren smiled lightly.

“Hey,” she croaked. “Excuse my mess and stuff, I didn’t expect visitors.” She chuckled.

“It’s alright sweetheart,” Liam winked.

Lauren diverted her eyes to every boy, landing on me last. They lingered on my face for a while, before going back to Mrs Hattinaire.

“Is there anything I can do?” She asked.

“They’re here to look for someone to adopt. They just want to talk to you, isn’t that right, boys?”

I nodded quickly.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it then. I’ll be downstairs if you need me.” Mrs Hattinaire left the room.

“Make yourselves at home guys. Sorry it’s really messy. I’m not exactly the cleanest girl in the world.” She plopped down on her bed while we scattered to find a place to sit. I sat down next to Lauren, trying to put on a comforting face, but I think it looked creepier, according to the reaction on her face. Louis noticed this and burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Lauren asked, oblivious.

“Nothing, nothing,” Louis said, muffling his laughs.

“Anyway, you can ask any question you like. I’ll answer as truthfully as I can.”

We looked around at each other, attempting to send mental messages for someone to ask a question.

Louis broke the silence. “Do you like carrots?”


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