Forgetting the past (1D)

Lauren Mathews' life is complicated - her dad was brutally murdered at the age of nine, her sister was kidnapped a year ago and her mum passed away from brain cancer. At the tender age of 15, Lauren never knew life could be so cruel. Until she was adopted by the five most famous boys in the World. Can One Direction make her see that her life wasn't destined for death and depression? But can there still be love? Life is unfair, happiness never lasts forever....


4. Chapter 3 - Lauren

Have you ever felt as if you were cursed from something bad you did years ago? I do. Right now. Is it just a coincidence that my dad’s death, my sister’s kidnap and my mum’s death all happened on the same day? I doubt it. Everyone thought I was stupid when I said they must link up together. Well, my dad’s death and sister’s kidnap could be linked. That’s what detectives are trying to find out. But my mum’s death, well, they think it’s natural. I, on the other hand, don’t.

I had been living in Locky foster home for around two weeks now. It was the only foster home in Birmingham, and the only one that had a place in the entire county. To be perfectly honest, I’d rather be dead than be here. I’m the only girl here (except the head care worker) and living with several other boys, well, it’s dangerous. I try to avoid them as much as I can, but having to keep in with the curfew and the fact that my room doesn’t have a lock, makes it a hell of a lot harder.

At this current moment, I was sneaking out the door. It was a Saturday and I was going shopping with Abby. Hopefully.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Robert said, leaning on the living room door frame. My entire body was aching and I just wanted peace.

Gulping loudly, I whispered, “Shopping.”

“With who?”


“Don’t you want to stay with me?” he pouted.

“No,” I said, angry.

“Well, you’re staying here.”


“Yes you are, bitch,” he spat. He grabbed me by the arm and flung me into the kitchen. There was a stack of plates that fell on top of me; smashing and cutting my scalp. My head was lightly bleeding, but there was a deep cut on my shoulder blade. Robert held a pen knife which was covered in red blood. My blood.

“What on earth is going on?” we could hear a female voice upstairs. Robert’s face paled.

“Say nothing, got that?” He ran out the door.

Mrs Hattinaire’s footsteps were getting closer. Although I wanted to get out, I couldn’t move. The searing pain paralysed me completely – my vision was blurred because of the tears that escaped my eyes. Why was this happening to me? What have I done to them? Just because they couldn’t get a proper girlfriend. Well, by the looks of it, course they can’t. Luckily I haven’t given in. The boys kept beating me up. My entire body was covered in bruises. No one knows though, not yet. I could go to the police. No, scratch that. I should go to the police. But, I can’t. Why? Because if the boys found out I grassed on them, I’m doomed. Literally.

I heard a gasp in the doorway. Mrs Hattinaire and Mr Smith were stood there, staring in horror at the broken plates and blood.

“What happened?” Mrs Hattinaire gasped.

I debated mentally whether I should tell them the truth or not. Should I risk it, or should I play safe and still get beaten up?

“I, I tripped. Sorry,” I lied.

“Well we know that!” Mrs Hattinaire exclaimed in a ‘well duh’ tone. “But what about that cut?”

I looked down at the massive cut that oozed out blood.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I answered back with a plausible excuse. “There was a knife with the plates and it gave me a cut.”

Mr Smith peered at it. “You need to get that stitched. Come on,” he held his hand out. I tried to pull myself up with my other arm but failed. `My head felt woozy and I couldn’t  concentrate.

“I think I’m losing too much blood,” I managed to say just before everything turned black and stopped thinking.

It felt like a few seconds later I opened my eyes. I was sitting on a hospital bed, just as I expected, and there was stitches replacing the cut.

I felt alone and scared and, well, cut off from the World. Why was all this bad fortune happening to me? Why? WHY? I give money to charity. Two pounds a month, but it’s better than one pound and ninety nine pence, right? I don’t hurt anyone. I do my work. I’m a loyal friend. I’m decent looking.

“Hello, I’m Nurse Williams. You’re Lauren, right?” A woman in her late twenties came in, holding a clipboard and interrupting my thoughts.

I couldn’t be bothered to speak, so I nodded.

“Well, you were out for around six hours. It’s three pm now,” she added. “You’ve lost quite a bit of blood, but we gave you a transfusion, so don’t worry. You have a few stitches on your arm as well. That’s quite a cut you gave yourself!” she chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m a bit clumsy,” I croaked, laughing lightly.

“You probably will feel a little dizzy in the next few days. But I doubt you have amnesia. Can you recall events that happened just before you passed out?”

I thought back to my encounter with Robert, the plates falling on me and the pain in my arm. “Yeah, I can remember.”

“Good. You’re perfectly fine so you can go home now. I’ll just call your guardian to sign you out.” She left the room. I was still in my clothes from before so I didn’t have to get changed. My mobile was on the side. I picked it up and had thirty two missed calls from Abby and ninety two texts. Instead of sifting through them, I deleted them all and texted her back with a simple reply of I’m fine, ttyl x.

“Let’s get you home, darling,” Mrs Hattinaire soothed as she helped me off the bed. The ride home was awkward. Real awkward.

No one was home when we got back, so it was quiet and peaceful –just how I like it.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” she demanded as soon as I sat down on the couch. She towered over me, making me feel small and intimidated.

“What do you mean?” I replied innocently.

“I know you didn’t fall into those plates. You’re not clumsy. And I know that there was no knife on there either, there was no knife there at all! There’s something you’re not telling me.”

I sighed, defeated. I was guilty and she knew it.

“Ok, I’ll tell you.” She folded her arms and looked at me impatiently.


I took a deep breath and began my explanation of truth. “It was Robert. Him and the boys have been pressurising me ever since I got here but I kept refusing  so they beat me up all the time and I have bruises all over myself and I was going shopping with Abby today and he told me to stay so I said no and he pushed me and the plates fell on me and he cut me with a pen knife,” I said and tried to look bored, as if it were no deal but it was. It was a big deal. And Mrs Hattinaire could see it.

“Oh sweetheart,” she cooed, gently putting her arms around me. She rocked me back and forth as if I were a baby, until my eyes ran out of tears.

“They’re going to kill me when they find out I told you.”

“I’ll make sure they’re sorted out. Good and proper,” she replied, smoothing out my hair.

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