16 year old girl Maddie, is dared to spend the night at the old church in densville with her friend Kate, part of her dare was to play the ouiji bord, there is no electricity so the use candels but they have no idea whats coming for them or what lives throughout the dump.


1. Just Like That.

creeek kkch the floorbords squeaked beneath me, like always i had another nightmare woke up and now i have to use the washroom, great! I was beggining to think something was wrong with me but i never would accualy take it seriously. I walked in the bathroom and sat down on the flush. I glanced over the the tinted window and i saw a shadow. "JESUS CRIST!!", i jumped up even though i wasnt done peeing. I tried to keep calm because it could just be hallucination I have never had it before but it could be something ne- SMASH!! The window crashed in shread i was screaming bloody murderer by this point I ran out of the bathroom door to what used to be my bed room now just a closet the man bolted toward me grabbing me by the arms i screamed i heard my mother crying. I bit the guy dragging me he yell the f word and shot me in the right arm. I was paralized in that arm, i thought but when i stopped screaming because i was to shocked i looked behind me and saw my arm lying on the floor. Then I fell asleep for what i thought would be for good.

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