Hoping for love

Karlie was waiting for a chance to finally fit in at her new school. After moving 4 times in 1 year and never fitting in she wants this time to be different. When first laying eyes on Liam she can't concentrate. What happens when he talks to her. Will she finally fit in or will everything he say just be a lie...


4. Do I like Niall?!

Zayn was asking me all morning today where I went with Liam. I decided not to mess with him any longer and told him "Liam lied, he never came..." Zayn clenched his fist and said "uuugghhh" under his breath. I grabbed his fist and opened his hand so his fist was gone. He looked at me like 'why?!?' And I gave him a 'seriously?' Look. 

Liam walked right passed me today. What was wrong with him lately? Where was the Liam I met on my first day of school? All my thoughts were interrupted by Niall's voice. "Heeeeyy Karlie! How's my best friend doing?" I looked at him questioningly. He laughed and and put his arm around my shoulder. Whenever Zayn, Harry, or Liam walked by he would laugh like I said something really funny. 

At lunch the boys wouldn't talk to me. Except for Niall who sat next to me and wouldn't stop asking me random questions like "how'd you get your hair to be so soft?" And "why do you walk to school everyday?" Whenever he asked me one of these questions I shrugged and apparently I looked really bored because a cheerleader walked up to me and said "you look really bored. Wanna come sit with us?" That was the last thing I wanted. But I felt bad for saying no and nodded. I got up and Niall looked offended. So I grabbed his wrist and pulled him with me. 

After lunch with the cheerleaders, no one in school talked to me. Except for Niall, and the cheerleaders. Everyone gave me disgusted looks in the hallways and even in classrooms. I wonder why. 

When school was over I ran into Zayn on the hill. Before he knew it was me he said "I'm so sor.." He looked at me halfway  through  his sentence. Seeing me, he looked at his feet and walked away. I had nothing left to do but cry. I tried to get away from all the stares, the looks, and the rumors. Someone started a rumor about me today by saying "That new girl Karlie has dated 5 guys since she got here. Why does Niall like her still?" I didn't even stop to think about Niall until right now. I ran to find him. I came across a group of people but couldn't see who was who because the tears in my eyes blinded me. 

Running to find Niall may have only taken 10 minutes but it felt like forever. When I finally found him I jumped into his arms and hugged him until he could barely breathe. My mascara must've been all over my face because when I let go of him his white shirt was now all black. He took one look at me and started walking to his car. I was still next to him trying to stay unseen. 

When we reached his car he said "get in". I did as I was told and got in the passengers seat. He pulled into my driveway and I said thank you so much. All he did was nod. Then I remembered that he's never came to my house before. "How did you know where I live?" "Zayn bragging about how he lives next door to you." I said "ohhhh". Out of no where, it was pooring rain. I looked at Niall who was standing in front of me. "I better get going" he yelled over the thunder. He opened his car door (or attempted to). He was locked out of his own car. He gave me a panicked look and I just walked to my front door and unlocked it. He looked at me stupidly and ran next to me. I opened the door and stepped in. He followed. 

We just hung around my empty house watching movies and eating a lot of food waiting for the rain to stop. 

At about 6:30, the rain stopped. We didn't notice until about 8:00 that the storm had already ended. Niall looked outside and saw the sky was clear but dark. He groaned and stood up. "The rain stopped". I looked over at the window. He was right. I tried to say something back to him but we laughed at the movies we watched so much that, my throat hurt. Preventing me to speak. I just nod and point to my throat. He laughs. How can he still laugh and I can't. I roll my eyes and he catches me. "Hmmm?" He asks. "No-o-th-ing" I try to say. He smiles and walks to the door. 

I was alone again with nothing to do but go to bed. It's not even late but I'm still kinda tired. I walk up to my room and fall on my bed. Not even going under my blankets, I fall asleep and drift off into my dream. 

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