Love You Forever *COMPLETED*

Avery Jones is your average high school student. No one's ever asked her out, but when her crush, Preston Corvette does, she imagines a perfect life together. For a while it goes that way, but when Avery and Preston get into a huge fight they break up. Avery moves away, hoping never to see him again. But nothing goes as planned when she gets bullied at her new school with no friends to help her through, bad grades, and a popular girl who hates her. Nothing could go worse, right? Wrong! What happens when Preston, her old boyfriend, shows up as the new student?


16. Sort of Epilogue/Not So Epilogue

Two Years Later


"Well class, looks like we have another new student."

Avery looked up at the sound of her teacher's voice. Ms. Horra(everyone calls her Ms. Horror) smiled as she led a blond-haired boy to the front of the class.

He seemed very familiar.

Avery was bored, no doubt. They'd been having lots of new students for a while now. Grade 12 was a bum so far.

"I expect all of you to welcome Preston Corvette to our class and treat him like family..."

Ms. Horra droned on, but Avery had zoned out.

Preston Corvette?! PRESTON CORVETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She stared at Preston. He had his hands in his pockets, head tipped to one side, eyes scanning the room. Preston hadn't changed much since 10th grade.

He still had the same shaggy blond hair that always fell into his eyes, which were still the same striking green that made Avery's heart flip.

She hadn't realized she looked like she'd been electrified until Emily Johnson whistled. "Well, Avery, you have taste." She smirked.

Avery's face heated up, but Preston's expression paid for it.


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