Love You Forever *COMPLETED*

Avery Jones is your average high school student. No one's ever asked her out, but when her crush, Preston Corvette does, she imagines a perfect life together. For a while it goes that way, but when Avery and Preston get into a huge fight they break up. Avery moves away, hoping never to see him again. But nothing goes as planned when she gets bullied at her new school with no friends to help her through, bad grades, and a popular girl who hates her. Nothing could go worse, right? Wrong! What happens when Preston, her old boyfriend, shows up as the new student?


9. Chapter 9


I leaned my head on Preston's shoulder. He smiled down at me.

Preston's arm slipped around my waist. I looked up at him. He turned, brushing his nose against mine.

I reached up and cradled his head. Preston rested his forehead on mine, his breath warm on my face. His gorgeous green irises sparkled.

His lips brushed mine ever so gently.

"I love you, Avery,"

I opened my mouth to respond.

"I lo-"



I gasped and sat up.

"Avery, wake up!!"

It was a dream.

I blinked the sleep out of my eyes.

"GET U-"


I scrambled downstairs. Mom rushed at me and threw me my lunch.

"Hurry up, you're going to be late!"

I stared at her.

Her black hair was wet and uncombed. Her pale face was paler than usual.

I glanced at the calendar; Saturday, June 1.

"Mom?" I asked. She didn't respond.

"Mom!" I yelled. She turned and frowned at me. Before she could start lecturing me, I continued. "Mom, it's Saturday." Mom whirled around to check the date, then relaxed. "Yes, yes it is." She checked the time.

8: 36.

"Mom!" I groaned. "I'm not even supposed to be awake yet!"

She blushed. "Sorry, Avery. But I've been very stressed lately."

I decided to forgive her.

"Anyway," She grinned slyly, making her look creepy with her vampire-y "makeover". "Don't you have a date with that gorgeous boyfriend of yours?" I went wanting to forgive her to wanting to strangle her in a matter of seconds.

I checked my mental schedule.

"Yeah, yeah, I guess I do."

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