Love You Forever *COMPLETED*

Avery Jones is your average high school student. No one's ever asked her out, but when her crush, Preston Corvette does, she imagines a perfect life together. For a while it goes that way, but when Avery and Preston get into a huge fight they break up. Avery moves away, hoping never to see him again. But nothing goes as planned when she gets bullied at her new school with no friends to help her through, bad grades, and a popular girl who hates her. Nothing could go worse, right? Wrong! What happens when Preston, her old boyfriend, shows up as the new student?


7. Chapter 7


The wind was strong.

My hair blew around my face, teasing me as I struggled to get it under control.

I was very aware of Preston watching me. I eventually gave up and watched my hair flit around my head.

Preston came over, and stifling a laugh, pulled my locks out of my eyes. He stood between the breeze and me.

I smiled up at him and raised an eyebrow when I saw his hair. It was rumpled up and blowing around in the gust. I tucked his bangs behind his ears and he rested his forehead on mine.

I smiled. The world seemed to melt around us.

"Preston," I swallowed and stared into his beautiful green eyes.

"Preston," I tried again. "I love you," I whispered fiercely.

Time seemed to slow down as I waited for his answer.

"I love you too." He murmured.

His arms slipped around my waist. I smiled up at him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, resting my head against his chest. I listened to the steady beat of his heart.

Preston kissed the top of my head. A shiver ran through me.

"I wish we could stay like this forever." I murmured.

"We can,"


"We'll always be together."

"I love you, Preston."

"I love you too, Avery."

Then together;

"I'll love you forever."

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