Love You Forever *COMPLETED*

Avery Jones is your average high school student. No one's ever asked her out, but when her crush, Preston Corvette does, she imagines a perfect life together. For a while it goes that way, but when Avery and Preston get into a huge fight they break up. Avery moves away, hoping never to see him again. But nothing goes as planned when she gets bullied at her new school with no friends to help her through, bad grades, and a popular girl who hates her. Nothing could go worse, right? Wrong! What happens when Preston, her old boyfriend, shows up as the new student?


3. Chapter 3


My heart felt like it was floating on air.

Preston had said that our date was a surprise, we had ended our conversation with a kiss, and my parents approved of my date!

My mother had met Preston six years ago, when we were grade four and convinced my dad I would be fine.

I spun around and flopped onto my bed.


I couldn't wait for Saturday.

I was definitely the luckiest girl alive.


What happened was totally unexpected, though.

Preston had told me to meet him at the park.


"Heyyyyyyyyyyy, sexxxyyy!"

"Who's a pretty girl?"

"HEY, YA!"


I pushed my way through the three boys, puzzled.

What was going on?

Preston rushed out to meet me.

"Hey, Avery. Come on." He pulled me close to him.

"Preston, what's going on?!"

Instead of answering, he just shot the boys dirty looks and tugged me along.


"What was all that about?" I asked as Preston gripped my hand and led me to his van.

Have I told you that the Corvette's are very, very rich?

"My brothers." Preston finally answered.

"You have three brothers?!"

Preston glanced at me with a sheepish smile on his face as he drove away from the park.

"And one sister."

I stared at him. I had no idea he had such a big family.

Preston grinned. "You're an only child, right?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Anyway," I steered the conversation to a different topic.

"Where are we going?"

Preston smiled and my heart spun around like it was dancing.


I looked up.

Preston had parked in front of a fancy, posh restaurant.

This was going to be fun.

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