Love You Forever *COMPLETED*

Avery Jones is your average high school student. No one's ever asked her out, but when her crush, Preston Corvette does, she imagines a perfect life together. For a while it goes that way, but when Avery and Preston get into a huge fight they break up. Avery moves away, hoping never to see him again. But nothing goes as planned when she gets bullied at her new school with no friends to help her through, bad grades, and a popular girl who hates her. Nothing could go worse, right? Wrong! What happens when Preston, her old boyfriend, shows up as the new student?


2. Chapter 2


"Dude, what did she say?!"

I approached my friend, Eric Marvinn, and forced out a weak smile.

"She said she'd think about it." I blurted out.

I felt like crying.

I had fallen in love with Avery the day I saw her.

And now I'd finally worked up the courage to ask her out and what happens? "She doesn't seem too excited about it."

My hyperactive friend skidded to a halt, for once.

"Oh, come on, Pres, she's probably just hiding how much she luvs you." He crossed his eyes.

I couldn't help but grin. Eric was so silly.

"Come on, Mr. Marvinn, let's get going." I punched my friend playfully on the shoulder.

"Go where?"

"School's starting, you dope! I don't want to be late!"

"Race you!"

It was hopeless. As always, I beat Eric.

"There's a reason why everyone calls me Lightning Boy!" I grinned as I walked backwards, waving to an irritated Ms. Spleeni.

"Oh, why?" Eric tilted his head and flashed his famous "heart-melting" innocent look.

"'Cause I'm as fast as lightning!" I bounced up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

"Hey, Preston, wait up!"

I spun around.

Avery weaved through the crowd towards me.

"What are you doing here?"

Avery and I didn't have the same homeroom so I was wondering why she had come here of all places.

"So," Avery grinned.

My heart did a flip.

"Where exactly are we going on Saturday?"

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