Time can be rewritten

Annie is taken back in time and decides to change her story.


1. Time can be rewritten

Dear Liam,

So, I was told it’s 2005 now and I realize you must be 11 years old, and you don’t know me, not yet at least for 5 years more years.

You’re just a kid right now but I can’t stop thinking about how amazing you are and what you will achieve . No one would understand what I’m about to tell you, no one but you. You’re special because you believe. You believe that there are stuff out there, extraterrestrial stuff, you believe that impossible is nothing and you don’t need any proof, you just know. And I’m just like you.

But I’m writing to you because things got complicated and I’m stuck here, in the past which is your current present. I’m still not sure how it got to that but certainly it’s all because of ‘wibbly wobbly timely wimely stuff’ that no one really understands. I don’t know if it’s a curse or a gift but I decided to take that opportunity and for once make something right.

I believe that time can be rewritten and I know you believe that too. So I’m going to tell you something about me, about us.

We first met on September 1st 2010 in the ordinary high school’s classroom.

The first time we really talked was at Matt’s party one week later, you showed up extremely late and then insisted on playing only techno music that everybody opposed to. I thought : “how can one listen to such music all the time”, but I liked you right from the beginning, liked you too much.

We kept talking to each other throughout the school year about everything. I looked forward to every day at school with you. We kept writing to each other via social network. We even went skiing together. That was an unforgettable moment for me. We kept coming up with all those crazy ideas and everything was great, but not really. We were mates and you were playing me like every other girl you talked to. There was nothing I could do because we were in the same class, sitting together in one bench, but I still tried to keep my distance.

Then one summer I met Jasper and instantly fell in love with him. I still kept thinking of you though. You were so jealous over Jasper, but I pretended I didn’t care. After a while it didn’t mattered ‘cause I was still thinking about you.

I was looking forward to the prom, bought the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen,  curled my hair like I’ve always wanted, I thought nothing could bring me down. But then you showed up again and you asked every girl to dance, right in front of my eyes, even the ones you didn’t know their names, every girl, not me. Imagine how that felt.

My friends made fun of me, how can I be so stupid to fall for you. They were constantly saying I should let go, but what good come from saying just some words if they don’t understand what that really means. I couldn’t let go,  not when you kept asking me about literally everything, it was impossible to get rid of you, so I gave up trying.

We spent the whole class trip watching movies and episodes of How I met your mother, kept talking how you’re Barney and I’m Robin.

After that, I threw my 18th birthday party, where you were acting like an ass the whole time, and I got drunk and cried half of the night on my friend’s shoulder with Jasper sitting next to me and listening, humiliating. Also you kind of proposed to me saying we could have a great marriage and I wouldn’t need to worry about cooking.

And then this year, it went pretty fast. Both of us obsessed with Doctor Who.

What normal person shouts in the middle of the cathedral.




All of it because we saw some Angels statues. Seriously who does that?

We were going down the streets of Vienna, talking about our possible adventures in space.

The Doctor and his Amy. That’s what we were then.

We went to a museum and had very little time so we kept running and shouting.


We blew up a volcano, probably the one in Pompeii. We saw Earth like from a space station. We saw a moving dinosaur.


We went to see a huge skeleton of a whale and stuffed kangaroos (so cute!) We saw so many weird things under the microscope. We loved it all. I painted my phone with the nail polish and it looks exactly like Tardis, I made River’s journal by myself, you loved it all. Now I’m working on a sonic screwdriver and sonic lipstick but you won’t see that ‘cause I’ll never see you again. Our story has ended like everything does.

Well, I still haven’t told you the part when you broke my heart. The last high school prom. I asked Jasper to go to the prom with me because I knew you wouldn’t go with me. Jasper said he will but then it turned out he can’t. And you went to the prom with a girl I’ve never heard of and you danced all night with her. My prom was ruined, but I still managed to turned a little around, I danced with a lot of guys, but even then it was not what I wanted.  So I asked you to dance and we did, and we talked. You said I could travel with you in Tardis ‘cause I can dance.

I still love you, so much it hurts. So please leave me alone, and don’t ever talk to me. When we meet go the other way.

Everything is ending, and I’ll probably never see you again, but if you make the right choice I won’t have to suffer, I won’t have to miss you ‘cause I won’t ever get to know you.

Goodbye my love,


P.S I’m sorry I know you hate spoilers. I was never good at keeping what’s going to happen away from you.




1 September 2010


-Hi, I’m Liam and you must be Annie.

-Yes, how did you know?

-Just like that, destiny. I believe we have a great story ahead of us.

- Yes, I think high school will be great.

-I meant us.

-yyy I don’t know about that, do you like Doctor Who?

-How could I not.

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