hogwarts students

hogwats students go to a world that they have never been before to, Cat Kingdom (a place where "CATS" live in peace .) Cat Kingdom was a huge castle


5. Fluffy Cat, Owner of Cat Kingdom

"Now that you know,you might  as well stay.  Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Fluffy Cat, owner of Cat Kingdom. I'm sorry we tried to attack you." Fluffy said.  Just then, Cho Chang sprinted in.  "What is this place? Got lost!" she said nervously. "We did too.  I'm sorry Fluffy,but I think we have to leave," said Hermione sharply, as she pulled them out.  "Wait! No! Hermione! STOP!!" Luna screamed.  "We have to stay here for a month.'' ''NO!'' hermione said.  ''Before we go we have to find shelter for a month, remember?" Luna said . "Fine!" Hermione screamed.
















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