hogwarts students

hogwats students go to a world that they have never been before to, Cat Kingdom (a place where "CATS" live in peace .) Cat Kingdom was a huge castle


2. Cat Kingdom?

As they entered Cat Kingdom, Luna saw many cats  rushing around. "What is this place?" Ron asked suspiciously.Harry noticed a tall castle. "Why do cats need this much space?" he muttered as he noticed 8 more, but bigger. "Well, I think we should find our way out of this place,and we will be able to get to Dumbledore faster," said Hermione is they strolled into the first castle.  "No way! This place is luxury! We have to stay while we are here." Ron said.There was a glimmering chandelier,a large desk,and couches in the first room. Many cats entered,and walked up to the front desk. 4 cats were answering calls,and writing down something.Then, the cat looked up,and screamed, "HUMANS!!!!!!"

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