Too Young

This poem is about teenage pregnancy and is not intended to cause offence- every situation is different from the last.
It was done for a Write On! competition and I got short listed for it.


1. Too Young

Too Young 

Born of a child, 
left in a cocoon of a cot.
Body thin and fragile, 
A dot in the hospital, 
A bruise in the ward. 
Surrounded by generations of family, 
Who point cameras and phones,
As if they were guns.
Glued to the screens,
They've seen it all before.

Eyes glazed and blue,
Full of promise. 
Look up at the doctors, 
Like a blank canvas. 
The doctors look back, 
Pity the wretch, 
Born of the wretch, 
A screwed up teenage girl, 
Lead by example,
By her mother, 
All the mothers before. 
An endless cycle.

A teenage girl leans over,
Gazes at the life she's made,
The damage she's done.
She'll later say,
The best mistake she's ever made.
For now she remains,
Drained from birth.
Looked down on by society,
A predicted pregnancy.

She's too young,
Too young.

A reflection of insecurity, 
A portrait of panic, 
A mum too young to know what mums do,
What to say. 
A wan representation of, 
The youth, 
Of today.

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