They Don't Know About Us

Delilah otherwise known as Dee, has been with John for the past three years. But, last year something changed. Hes been acting like a jerk, and does nothing for himself. Dee thought what they had was love, but what happens when they break up and she meets Louis Tomlinson?


7. Chapter 7- Modeling is Not Easy

Delilah's POV

I woke up sore, I had a horrible kink in my neck, my back ached, and my stitches hurt like a mother. I opened my eyes and I was in a unfamiliar place. I searched my mind of memories of last night, then I remembered my genius prank last night. I look up and try to find patterns on the ceiling.

"SHOOT!" I look up from my spot on the couch. Isabel is sitting up, I hadn't noticed her there, is mumbling to her self. "HARRY! GET OFF OF ME!" She says, and starts to make her way out from under Harry. 

"What' wrong?" I ask.  

"I have to be at the modeling agency in an hour!" She says. I realize the problem. The agency is at least an hour away, and Isabel still has to get ready. 

"What's going on?" Louis asks, I just now noticed him. 

"She has to be at the modeling agency in an hour, and it takes an hour to get there, AND she still has to get ready!" I say, because Isabel is looking on her phone for something.

"Which one?" Louis asks.

"It's in Reading." Isabel says.

"Eleanor used to work there. I know a shortcut, if you'd like." Louis offers.

"Yes please! But I still need to were something! I'm not going in this!" She motions down at yesterday's clothes.

"I think Gemma has a an outfit here." Harry says then comes back with a pile of clothes. She takes them then heads to the bathroom.

"You guys are honestly the best people ever!" Isabel says.

Isabel's POV

I gratefully take the clothes and leave to the bathroom, after I grab my purse. I examine the clothes they are about my size, so I throw of my shirt and pants, and put on the new outfit and some makeup and jewelry that was in my purse. I looked at myself in the mirror, and had to admit Gemma had a great fashion sense. I walked out side and put on my shoes.

"I'm already!" I say. We decide it would be best if we take two cars, me in mine, and the others in Louis'. I followed Louis car all the to the agency. I pull in right at ten o'clock. I fast walk through the confusing halls of the agency and finally get to my destination. I sneak into the room, earning a stern Look from Mrs. Murray. From what I could tell she was talking about posture, I walked over to her daughter, Sydney Murray.

"Whats your mum talking about?" I ask. Mrs. Murray was lecturing the room of future models about something we will need to know, like always.


"Again?!" Sydney nods.

"She says it's the most important thing, whereas I think it is confidence." 

"Spoken like a saint."

"Girls!" We look up from our seats. Mrs. Murray has stopped her lecture and is now looking at us.

"Sorry." We mumble. 

"Now girls," Mrs. M. says to the crowd of almost thirty girls, "Go find your name tag, and report to your new mentors."

"I have a feeling who mine is..." Sydney says to herself as we go to the back table where the name tags are neatly laid out. I quickly find mine.

Isabel Banks, 19
Mrs. Murray

"Who did you get?" I ask Sydney.

"Just like I thought, my mother." She says.

"Me too." 

"Let's go then." We make our way up to the platform where Mrs. M. is waiting.

"Ok, girls, I was going to make a big speech on how I came to decision on who I chose, but I'm not going to. So today we are going to do some practice modeling." Says Mrs. Murray. There are six girls in total, and I only know a couple of them, beside Sydney.

"Follow me and I will take you to your dressing rooms where there will be an outfit waiting. Put in on and meet me at the practice runway." I walk to the door marked Isabel B. In the dressing room there is a white bag hanging up. I unzip it, and look at the dress in it. I shrug and put it on along with the shoes that have been laid out. I take one last look in the mirror and leave. I wasn't exactly the most prettiest dress, which made me fell self-conscious, but I do like the shoes. Mrs. Murray directed me to hair and makeup, when I met her on the practice runway. I went to the waiting stylists. I closed my eyes and let them do their thing.

"I need you to open your eyes." Says one of the stylists. She puts contacts in my eyes, I don't really like them because at first they make my vision funny. "Ok! Your done!" Says the person who put in the contacts. She spins the chair around and I take a look at my final appearance, I have green contacts in, a blonde wig on, big triangle earrings, a floral ring, and a bulky black bracelet on. I meet everyone at the runway. Only me, Sydney and another girl who's name I don't know, and they look as ridiculous as I do.

"Do you like your outfit?" I ask Sydney.

"No! Just look at me! I can't believe my mum would put me in this!" I couldn't believe it either. "At least they left your nail polish alone. They took mine off." I was relived at that, it took me forever to do them.

"Do you like yours Alex?" Sydney asks the other girl. So that's her name.

"Are you kidding me? I look like a red Solo Cup!" I couldn't argue there, she kind of did. "Where's your mum, Sydney?" Alex asks.

"Um. I don't know. I'll go find her." 

"Hi! I'm Alex!" She says to me.

"Isabel. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise. So have you always wanted to be a model?" 

"Since I was six! What about you?"

"No, I just started getting into it last year."

"I see."

"Here comes the others."

"Weird." I say as I look at their outfits.


"Everyone seems to hate their dresses, but just look at those shoes!"

"Yeah, it seems like she got that part right..." Alex says.

"Alright ladies!" Mrs. Murray begins, "I want a show of hands to tell me who feels confidant their out fit." No one does.

"Now ladies, who feels, they could at least, look confidant, while they walk down the runway?" Only one hand. Mine.

"And why is that, Ms. Banks?" 

"Because I know if I want to be a model, I need to act confidant, even if I don't feel it. And I know, that who ever I may work for might put me in the most awful thing and I have no choice but to where it." She just nods her head.

"Walk down the runway and back." Some music starts to play. I start to walk.

Shoulder's back.
Stand tall.  
Pause at the end.

Before I know it I'm back with the group.

"That was amazing Ms. Banks! How do you feel?"

"Amazing!" I say.

"Do you feel confident?" I nod my head.

"Ok, Girls there should be a new dress in your dressing room. Once you have it on, go to hair and make up and meet me back here!" I find Alex and Sydney.

"That was awesome!" Alex says.

"Thanks." I go inside my dressing room and put my dress into its bag and unzip the new one. This dress is much better and is my color. I put it on and observe myself in the mirror. I smile and walk to hair and make up. Before I even sit down the stylists have removed my contacts and started to remove my make up. I sit down and let them do their work. 

"Your done!" Says one of the stylists. I get up and look in the mirror, not only do I look amazing I feel amazing. They left me in my natural hair, and no contacts. It's a quite simple outfit but it works for me. I meet the others at the runway. I go stand by Alex and Sydney. Sydney doesn't have a wig on, and neither does Alex, who's hair is a dark brown.

"Alright, lets each take a turn on the runway, and we'll call it a day!" Mrs. Murray says. "Let's go Alex first, then Beatrice, then Dianne, then Isabel, then Sophie, and then Sydney!" We each take our turns, earning a praise from Mrs. M. I find Alex after my turn. 

"You did great!" She says.

"Thanks so did you!" I say in return. "So tell me about yourself!" I say.

"Well, if you couldn't tell I'm American, but last year when I got into modeling my mom sent me here!"

"Cool, So how are you liking England?"

"Loving it! Oh, here comes Sydney."

"Hey! Great job!" I say.


"Alright ladies I will see you all next week!" Mrs. Murray says.

"See ya!" I say to Sydney. Me and Alex I drop my name tag off in the bucket that's in the room that we first met in, and so does she.

"Do you need a ride home?" I ask her.

"If that's alright, I don't feel like waiting for my aunt, when it's starting to get dark. I'll give you directions to my house, but it is kind of far away..."



"Perfect I have to go there to."

"That' a relief" I smile. As it turns out she lives in the same apartment complex as I do. I walk in the door and find a note on the table.

I'm still at the boy's flat your welcome to come over if you'd like!

Xx Dee

I get back in to my car and drive to Louis' and Harry's flat. I knock on the door and Delilah answers the door.

"How was your day?" I ask.

"I'll tell you all about it!" She says.

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