They Don't Know About Us

Delilah otherwise known as Dee, has been with John for the past three years. But, last year something changed. Hes been acting like a jerk, and does nothing for himself. Dee thought what they had was love, but what happens when they break up and she meets Louis Tomlinson?


6. Chapter 6- Friends Part 2, The Prank-wars Have Begun

Delilah's POV

We walked out of the pizza place about and hour later. Much to my disappointment we didn't get to play laser tag. But we did have fun, I beat Isabel and Harry at ski-ball, but lost to Louis, who declared himself the ski-ball king. When we approached Isabel's car we got in at our same spots, I just happened to notice how Harry was leaning a little closer to Isabel than before. 

"What do you guys want to do now?" I ask not wanting the moment to end.

"We could chill at our flat and watch a movie." Harry suggested. I nod my head in agreement. I look at Isabel, who also nods in agreement.  

"Which way to your flat?" She asks Harry. He tells her the directions.

"And you turn here and drive in 'One Direction' until you come up to our flat." He concludes.

"Real nice Haz." Louis says.

"What? That is how you get to the flat." Louis rolled his eyes and laughed. I have to admit, even though I'am calm I am fan-girling on the inside. I take out my phone and open up my Twitter app. Ever since I got shot I got a few new followers. By few I mean a hundred or so. Most of the tweets I got were telling me to get well, but a few asking why Louis was seen leaving my apartment, I just ignored those usually, I just happen to see one that caught my eye.

So how long have you and Louis been dating? I nearly choked on the drink that I didn't have. I quickly reply back.

We're not...Were did you get that crazy idea? Almost instantly I get my answer. She sent me a picture of Louis, Harry, Isabel, and me, leaving the pizza place. If I wasn't me, I would have thought Louis and me were dating to, we were standing together, pretty close actually, a few feet behind Isabel and Harry. We were laughing, and smiling.

Its just the angle, we weren't standing that close together.

As soon as I hit send we are pulling in to the boys' flat, we head inside and me as Isabel sit on the couch while the boys go get some drinks and movies.

"Dee?" Isabel asks.

"Yeah? What do you need?"

"I kinda have a problem," I look at her telling her to go on. "I think Harry likes me. And that normally wouldn't be a problem, except I have a boyfriend, who loves me and I don't know what to do about it." I look at her problem at every angle and think it through before I answer.

"I think you should just go with your heart. Even if that means not being with Harry, or leaving Jack."

"Okay, I think I know what I might do." Louis and Harry came running in, literally, Louis had a stack of movies in his hands. Harry had several cans of soda and two bags of open popcorn. Louis ran to the coffee table and put the movies down. He sat on the couch right next to me. Harry, a few feet behind, went to set the popcorn and and drinks down but missed and dropped the popcorn on the floor, and fell and landed on the sodas. All of a sudden we here a pop.

"Harry! Are you all right?"

"Yeah, the drinks just exploded though." He slowly gets up, were he landed were three cans of soda that had exploded. Along with the soda stains of Harry's shirt was a little blood.

"Harry your bleeding." I say. He looks down, "Take of your shirt." He does,

"Louis, Iz go get tweezers, band-aids, water, and towels." I inspect the wound, it isn't really all that bad but there are bits of aluminum in it. A few seconds later Isabel comes back with the water and towels.

"That's all I could get." I nod and Louis comes back and hands me tweezers, 

"I also brought you some hydrogen peroxide to clean in." I nod and dip the tweezers in the peroxide and start to pull out the shards of aluminum. Once I got all of them out, I put some peroxide on the towel and clean up the blood, it bled pretty badly, even though there weren't that many cuts. I put band-aids of the worst of them.

"How did you know to do that?"

"My mum was a nurse." They nod, I've only told Isabel that, not that it's a secret, it's just common knowledge. "Let's clean up this mess." We start to clean it up, Harry went to get more popcorn and drinks, within minutes the whole mess is cleaned up. 

"So what movie?" Harry asks. We look through the movies, Hunger Games, House at the End of the Street, and Titanic. 

"Oh! Oh! This one!" I say and hold up House at the End of the Street. 

"You like scary movies?" Louis asks. I nod smiling. "You?" He asks Isabel.

"Sure," We get settled on the couch, me in the corner Isabel next to me, then Harry and Louis at the other end. Once the movie stars  I get totally in to it. When we get to the part where Carrie Ann escapes the first time, I decide to play a prank on the boys and Isabel. I get up and go to the direction of the bathroom but turn at the last minute and head into the kitchen. Because I know whats going to happen next in the movie I carefully sneak to the door and open it, letting the cool night air in. When I turn around I nearly have a heart attack, Louis is standing right behind me.

"Are you following me?" I whisper shout.

"Are you trying to leave?"

"No I'm pranking you Isabel and Harry! But I can't prank you since you are right here! So you have no choice but to help me." I whisper. A smile spreads across his face, he starts to nod. We quickly make a plan, before Harry and Isabel get suspicious.

The plan was that after Louis goes back into the room, I come back from the bathroom saying that my stitches hurt and I left my pain meds in the car. But when I go out side I'm going to scream, and Louis is going to rush to my aid, knowing the others will follow he has to be quick, when he meets me at the door we hide in the bushes just beside the door. When they come to the door they will see that we are not there and start to look for us. Once they get by Isabel's car go back into the house and go into the kitchen and get buckets of water and ice and then we run out side and dump it on them. 

Louis' POV

I go back into the living room, after I stop by the kitchen and get a glass of water. I sit on my spot on the couch and wait for Dee to come in. As if on cue she comes back in

"Guys, I need to go to the car and get my pain medication, my stitches hurt." 

"Do you want me to help you?" Isabel asks her.

"No, no watch the movie, your getting to the good part and plus I've already seen it." I smile to myself in the dark, Perfect. I wait the few seconds for her to scream, but she doesn't. Maybe she really did need her pain medication. 

"AHH!" Dee screams. I run out side and go into the bushes, sure enough Dee is there. Harry and Isabel run out of the house

"Delilah! Louis! Where are you?!" Isabel yell.

"Maybe she fell in your car and Louis is helping her?"

"Let's go look." The plan was working perfectly. We seized the moment and ran into the kitchen. When I had gotten my glass of water I had laid out two five gallon buckets and filled them a quarter of the way full so they wouldn't get to heavy. We quickly fill them up.

"Are you sure they won't be to heavy?" I ask

"I'am a strong girl."

"But your stit-" 

"I already took my pain meds. Now be quiet and let's go pour some water on them!" We half run half walk to the door where Harry and Isabel are looking in the bushes for us.

"Louis! Dee?" Isabel pauses. "Come on guys this is not funny!" I look at Dee and we ambush them. I dump my bucket on Harry and Dee dumps hers on Isabel. We only get to see half of their reactions because we make a mad dash back inside. We run into my room and lock the door, we can hear Isabel and Harry pounding on the door.

"I swear Delilah when I get my hands on you, you will be so regretful!" Isabel threatens. 

"Louis don't you think for one second I won't get you back!" Harry threatens. We move away from the door and sit on my bed. 

"That, my friend, was hilarious." I say

"That it was. Louis? What if they try to get us back?" She asks.

"We'll be ready." I grab some Nerf guns that I had stored away for times like this. I hand three to Dee, she put one in boot, one in her belt and held the last one. I also gave her a few extra rounds, which she stuffed in her pocket. 

"I don't hear them anymore." She whispers. I nod with my head to come up to the door, staying completely quite I put my head up to the door. Silence. I slowly open the door, but don't walk through it, sensing a trap. We move through the flat very quietly with me in the lead. When we reach Harry's room I put my ear up to the door.

"-or we could put a bucket full of pudding above the door and when they open it, the pudding falls on them?" 

"Too original. We need something new." I pull my head away and whisper to Dee

"Is your phone on silent?" She nods. I pull out my phone and text her.

To: Delilah The Wonderful
From: Sass Masta From Doncasta
Go grab a bucket that we used to dump water on them and fill it with pudding. 

She looks up and nods. When she leaves I glance at the time, 12:41 A.M. Wow they've been here a long time... Dee interrupts my thoughts when she comes back with a bucket filled with pudding. 

To: Delilah The Wonderful
From: Sass Masta From Doncasta

Be right back, going to go grab a latter.

I leave to go grab the latter once I reach the garage door, I hear-

"Louis! Help! They've got m-" I quickly run back to Harry's door Dee's 'weapons' are laying where I was once standing, along with the Nerf guns there is a note.

Dear Lou,

If you want to see your precious Delilah again, you must pay the ransom of fifteen pounds, and do the laundry for a week.

~HS & IB

And that's when I notice it, right in the corner of the door is a spy-cam it's positioned so it can see my every move. I get the sense there are more so I check the flat for more. I was right, there was another in the kitchen and by the entrance of the garage. I walk back to Harry's door, and try to open it. It's locked. I press my ear up to the door forgetting about the spy-cam and listen.

"Louis! Just pay the ransom, and get me back, it smells in here!" I here Delilah say. How did she know to say that at that moment? Oh yeah, the spy-cam. I go get my wallet and slip the right amount of money under the door. Then I try the door again and this time it opens. Before I can react a bucket of pudding falls on my head. When I get the bucket off of my head and wipe my eyes, I see Harry, Isabel, and Dee laughing.

"Gotcha!" Dee says.

"Good one." I say sarcastically. "You two were in on this?" I ask Harry and Isabel. They nod.

"From the very beginning." I start to laugh, even though the prank was on me, it was a good one.

"Do I get my money back at least?" Dee pretends to think hard.

"Well, I don't know. That is what, paid for this whole thing... "

"Well fine." I pretend to be mad, but that doesn't last long, within seconds I'm laughing.

"Who was the mastermind behind all this?" I ask. Dee raises her hand. "Why?" She walks up to me and sits on my lap.

"I pull pranks on all of my new friends." She says. Isabel starts to nod. "So watch our Styles, your next." She smiles then continues, "Who wants to watch another movie?"

"But it's like one in the morning." 

"So? It's not like we live with our parents still." We head back into the front room and put in Titanic. This time we sat with me in the corner, then Dee, then Isabel and Harry. About half way through the movie, Delilah starts to fall asleep, her head fall against my chest and soon the room fills with soft snores.

"Do you want me to take her home?" Isabel asks.

"Shes fine." I say. About fifteen minutes from the end of the movie Isabel and Harry are asleep to, and I can feel it pulling my eyes shut.

 I'm not sure how much longer I can stand being just friends with Delilah.

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