They Don't Know About Us

Delilah otherwise known as Dee, has been with John for the past three years. But, last year something changed. Hes been acting like a jerk, and does nothing for himself. Dee thought what they had was love, but what happens when they break up and she meets Louis Tomlinson?


5. Chapter 5- Friends Part 1

Dee's POV

*2 boring days later*

I opened my eyes from the drug-induced sleep I was put into from the pain medication. Louis had left later after our talk I think he's still a little upset about it. I was still sore around my stomach area, but that has to do with the bullet. The police have no leads. They interviewed every suspect and have found nothing, so I know its not John, his new fiancee, or any of their friends. My mum is sitting in the chair beside my bed sleeping so i can't exactly ask her when I'm leaving this stupid place. My dad went home night while my mum insisted on staying here, I kind of feel bad for ruining their holiday by getting shot, but that really wasn't my fault. Isabel looks half awake so I decide to ask her. She had stayed here with my mum. "Hey Iz! When I'm I getting out of this place?!" I whisper shout.

"I don't know... Want me to go ask the nurse?" I nod my head excitedly. She shakes her head laughing while she is walking out. A few minutes later she and some nurse come in. "How are you feeling dear?" The nurse asks.

"Fine, a little sore, but fine." I say.  

"Well later today, we'll talk to your doctor, but he doesn't get here for another hour."

"What time is it?" 

"About 6:30. Do you want some more pain medication?"

"That would be nice." I say. She puts up a new morphine drip, and slowly I start to feel tired, and in minutes I fall asleep. 

"Hey." I walk over to the voice. "Hi." I call back. I'm in the park where Louis and I first met. Its spring. "Where are you?" I ask the voice. I keep walking. Soon I'm at the lake that's not far from the park. 

"Come on in!" The voice says. Its clearer now, I know who it is. 

"OK Louis!" I call back I see him now. He's in the middle of the lake. I jump in and swim to him. Somehow I'm already in a swimsuit. I get half way were he is and can't go any further, I'm too tired, I start to tread water. 

"Louis, I can't go any farther! Come the rest of the way!" He's over to me in a matter of seconds. I throw my arms around him and give him a hug. It feels right, like I belong there. 

"I miss you." I Say suddenly."I know." He says then kisses me. "Happy anniversary." I say.

When I wake up again everybody is awake, and Louis is here. It's about 8:00, so I doubt my dad is here yet, or even awake for that matter. The nurse from last night is by the heart rate monitor thingy.

"Can I leave?" I groan.

The nurse looks at me, "Well I talked to your doctor when he got here, and he said that it is a possibility. He will be here in few hours." Then she leaves. I grab my phone that is sitting on the bedside table. I assume that Isabel brought it. I unlock it and see I have 27 new Twitter notifications. Most of them were personal messages from Louis. I find one and reply: You didnt have to worry, im fine. Didnt you hear the nurse? Im going home today!  I watch his phone buzz then him burst into laughter. 

"Whats so funny Louis?" I ask innocently in response I get a tweet.Sorry. Could't help it. You still up for that pizza you were talking about? 

"Totally," I say to lazy to actually respond. "Mum will you get me a coke?" I ask.

"Sure hon," She says then hurries out of the room. I don't really want something to drink I just want to be alone with my friends.

"Hey Louis do you want to swap numbers?" I ask. 

"Sure," He hand me his phone and I hand him mine. I put my name in as Delilah The Wonderful. I also put in Isabel's. Her contact is labeled Iz The Magnificent. We give our phones back to each other right before my mum comes in. She hands me my drink. I look in my contacts to see what Louis put his under. Louis. Kinda boring but I leave it as is.

"Delilah? Can I see your phone?" Louis asks. I hand it to him, earning specious looks from my mother. When I get my phone back I go back to looking at my contacts again. This time when I get to Louis' name in isn't with the 'L' names, but with the 'S' names. Sass Masta From Doncasta. I start to laugh, but then I stop because It hurts. For the first time I realize how close Isabel and Louis are standing together, and to my surprise it bugs me. Maybe because Isabel has a boyfriend... Maybe because I might have feelings for Louis? He seems to notice and scoots away a little bit. I start to feel my phone vibrate in my lap so I pick it up and answer the text.

To: Delilah The Wonderful
From: Sass Masta From Doncasta
I told your mum I was Isabel's boyfriend so she would let me stay...

To: Sass Masta From Doncasta 

From: Delilah The Wonderful

To: Delilah The Wonderful
From: Sass Masta From Doncasta
You look kinda jealous 

To: Sass Masta From Doncasta 
From: Delilah The Wonderful
I am not! 

To: Delilah The Wonderful
From: Sass Masta From Doncasta
Too bad. 

It got kinda awkward after that. Finally the doctor came in. "Hello I'm Doctor Wilson." He holds his hand out and I shake it.

"Nice to meet you." I say. He starts to check my vitals like the nurse did earlier. 

"Well Ms. Simpson your vitals look great. I'm going to have to have your mum fill out some discharge papers and and after prescribe some pain killers you should be good to go." My mum follows him out of the room and it gets awkward again.

"Izzy? Do you want to go get pizza later?" She looks up and nods.

"Sure, hey I brought you some clothes." She hand me a plastic bag with clothes in it. I slowly get out of bed and move to the bathroom, suddenly glad that the doctor is giving me pain meds. I slowly get into the outfit she brought me and make my way back to the bed. 

*1 Hour later*

Me and Louis rode in the back of Isabel's new car, while her and, by Louis' suggestion, Harry sat in the front,we were almost to the pizza place. Harry and Louis were cracking jokes back and forth while me and Isabel sat in a comfortable silence.

"There it is!" I yell when we are in sight of the pizza place. The reason I love this place is because its also and arcade. When I come here I turn into a total kid. "I want to play laser tag!" I say.

"Dee, you will rip out your stitches." Isabel says.

"I don't care." I huff. 

"Oh you will." Isabel replies.

"Try me." I say. Like I said I turn into a total kid when I come here. When Isabel parks the car its all I can do not to run out of the car. And before I can Isabel reaches into the back seat to grab the back of my shirt and gives me look that says behave, so I get out and walk into the building. We walk to a table and wait for the waiter to arrive. 

"Well, while were waiting I'm going to go play some games. Isabel do you want to come?" Harry asked in a mischievousness voice.

Louis' POV

I swear I was going to hit Harry so hard, he knew I liked Dee and he just made it pretty obvious. 

"So... Delilah what's your favorite color?" I ask not wanting to sit in awkward silence.

"Purple. Yours?" 

"Red. What do you want to do with your life?" I ask. She blushes then hesitates. 

"Well... I want to be a singer...." She smiles, looks down, then looks back up at me.

"Really? Are you any good?" I ask interested.

"You could say that." She says. Before I can question her any further a waiter appears.

"Hi, I'm Amber and I will be your server today! The date night special is half off for today only." Me and Delilah look at each other and blush. 

"Um, were not together...." She says awkwardly.

"Too bad you two would be cute together...." I look at Dee and she is blushing like crazy.

"Um, well we would like one pepperoni pizza with bread sticks and one combo. And we need four drinks" I say and smile at the waitress, she writes down our order then leaves.

"So...How good are you?" I ask. Dee gives me a weird look. "At singing." I clarify.

"Oh, I'm pretty good I guess, once I get some money made up I want to try out for the Xtra Factor. And if that doesn't work out I want to be a photographer." I smile at this. Harry and Isabel show up a few minutes later.

"I to totally kicked you butt at ski-ball!" Isabel says. 

"Don't rub it in." Harry says with a laugh. They sit down and if on cue the waitress comes back with our cups and pizza.

"I will be right back with your bread sticks." She says then leaves.

"Me and Iz are going to get drinks, be right back." Delilah says. Isabel and her quietly get up and leave to the fountain. 

"Isabel is amazing." Harry says in a soft voice,

"So is Dee." I whisper back. I don't know why we were whispering, it's not like they could hear us.

"Delilah wants to be a singer." I tell Harry.

"Cool, is she any good?" 

"She says she is." 

"Isabel wants to be a model. She says she be as famous as us someday." He smiles. The girls come back shortly after then me and Harry go to get ours. I look over the selections and decide on a Coke-a-Cola.

"I want to help her," I say.

"Help who?" Harry asks clearly confused.

"Delilah, I want to help her reach her dreams." 

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