They Don't Know About Us

Delilah otherwise known as Dee, has been with John for the past three years. But, last year something changed. Hes been acting like a jerk, and does nothing for himself. Dee thought what they had was love, but what happens when they break up and she meets Louis Tomlinson?


4. Chapter 4- More Talking

Louis' POV

"I guess Louis, but saying 'sorry' isn't going to change the past. Nothing will, but talking will help getting over it." Those were the last words Delilah had said to me. She had gotten shot, she had almost died. After she had been shot I quickly called 911, and an ambulance came minutes later, but what felt like hours. She was on her couch bleeding badly and groaning. I just hoped she wouldn't die, the paramedics loaded her in the ambulance after asking if I family. Then I went home, but not after being caught by the paps. 

*The Next Day*

"Louis!" Paul yelled. "Get down here!" Groaning I walked down the stairs and into the living room. 
"Yes Paul?" I ask. 
"Whats this?" He asked pointing to the TV. 

Breaking News!

Last night Delilah Simpson (19) was shot in her home. There are no new leads. While her condition is unknown, Louis Tomlinson from boy band One Direction was spotted leaving the apartment complex. Is it a coincidence or not? We will have more after a short break when we interview close friends and family.

Paul shut off the TV. "What happened to just going out to just going to get some fresh air Louis? That's what you told Harry, not to go some mystery girl!" 

"Sorry, maybe I wanted to have a life that isn't inspected by every single person I know!" I snap. 

"Louis, I know I'm not your mother but, you're under house arrest." Paul says sternly. 

"Whatever." I walk out the door and go to my car, turn on the radio and drive.

A 19 year old female, Delilah Simpson, was shot is her apartment complex. Officials do not know who the gunman is, but Louis Tomlinson was spotted leaving the scene. Anyone with information should step forward. 

"All they care about is that I was scene with her, do they even care about her?" I murmur to myself. I pull over the car and lay my head on the steering wheel and start to cry. About Eleanor because there was a small part of me that still loved her. About Dee because there was a huge part of me that was in love with her, and an even bigger part of me that wanted her to live.


Harry's POV

"Whatever." he said then walk walked out the door. 

"Want me to look for him?" I ask Paul. He looks at me then nods his head.

"He is probably mad at me, So I think you should go. Make sure he doesn't hurt himself." I nod my head in agreement, then go to my car. 

*25 Minutes later* 

"Why didn't I check here first?" I ask myself. I turn to the side of the road where I see Louis' car. It was about ten minutes away from our flat, this was the way we took to go to the park when we want to go play football. (
A/N Just so there's no confusion, I mean soccer, cos i'm American...)
I pull up behind his car, get out of mine then tap on his window. When he didn't answer I go to the passenger side and get in. 

"Hey Boo, you okay?" I ask. He looks at me and shakes his head, he looks like he has been crying.

"Can you keep a secret?" Louis asks. I nod.

"Me and Eleanor broke up, and I went to the park, that's where I met Delilah-the girl on the television who got shot- and she had just broken up with her boyfriend. We started to talk, and then we kissed but seconds later she left me." He started to cry again.

"When?" I ask.

"About last week or so." He said with his face in his hands.

"Why didn't you tell us?" I ask, but he shrugs.

"I didn't want to worry you...But there's more I need to tell you... After Dee left me, we didn't talk for a week. Then yesterday she sent me a message on Twitter. Then I went to her house, that's why I said I was going for a drive, and I asked if you wanted to go because I knew you wouldn't, I did that so you wouldn't worry. Well, anyways, while we were talking she got shot, I called 911 and they took her to the hospital. I-I I think I love her." 

Isabel's POV

"Ms. Simpson was shot here," The doctor pointed to her stomach on an x-ray. "right below her stomach but above her small intestine. Luckily the bullet missed both and got implanted right behind her stomach. We successfully removed the bullet, but she lost a lot of blood. We have been giving her IV blood transfusions, hopefully the sleeping gas should wear off soon and she should wake up." The doctor said.

"But she'll be okay. Right?" He nodded his head, and I nodded in response. He started to check Dee's vitals, which he said were good, then left. 

"Hey Dee ya hear that? Your going to be alright." I say to her unconscious body. In response I get muffled gurgles. 

"I got to leave now, visiting hours for non-family are over. Your mum and dad will be here in an hour or so." Again I muffled gurgle. 
I turn and leave. It's kinda funny how many times I've been in this hospital, never for me though, for my grand mum, my grandfather, my mum, my dad. Cancer. Hate the word. I get in my car and go home. 

**Skipping car ride**

I open the door and look at the almost to clean apartment. The crime scene clean up people had been here earlier. Dee's phone was on the counter buzzing. I set my bag down and pick it up, she had about 20 Twitter notifications. All from Louis, Awe! That's so sweet! I open the notifications, one said, Dee, are you all right? I really wish you would've gave me your # Please get back to me soon, Ill go crazy if I don't know how you're doing... I get on my computer and send Louis a personal message.
Dee is fine, If you want to visit her shes at the London Memorial Hospital... 

Dee's POV

**Two Days Later**

I hear the steady beeping of a machine, I don't know where I'm at. I have no strength at all I try to open my eyes but I can't. 

"When will she wake up?" Someone asked sobbing. Wake up? What happened? I remember getting shot but... I guess I'm in a hospital.

"Give her a few more days, she'll pull through. she's strong like that." Another person said with a dead voice. Slowly I regain my strength and open my eyes. I look around and see my mum and dad, Isabel, and Louis. My mum is holding my hand and has a tear stained face. My dad is on the other side of the hospital bed. Isabel and Louis are in the corner. Wait Louis??!!

"Oh Delilah! Honey you're okay!" My mum says.

"Yeah... I guess I am." I reply, my voice is hoarse and very quit. 

"I'll go get a nurse. Dan do you want to come?" My mum asks my dad who nods his head. "We'll be right back." I look over to Louis and Isabel.

"How are you doing?" Louis asks.

"I think I'm fine, but what are you doing here?" I ask. "I mean I didn't expect to see you here." I backtrack not wanting to sound rude.

"I had to see if you were ok, if you don't want me here I'll leave."

"No!" I all but scream. He chuckles then nods. Isabel silently leaves to room leaving me and Louis alone.

"Dee, I know we just met and all but I really like you." Louis says as he walks over to were my mum was sitting. I nod my head slowly not liking were this is going, I like Louis and all  but I'm just not ready... "And I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend?" I look down at my lap and start to bit my bottom lip. I slowly shake my head.
"No..No... I'm sorry but no. I like you but no, I don't want to be your rebound girl." I look up and see his face, he looked heartbroken. "But we could still be friends? Then maybe someday we could be more..." 

His mood brightens a little bit. "I'd like that. I'll happy as long as your happy." I smile and nod. 

"So, as my friend would you like to go get pizza with me and Isabel as soon as I'm let outta here?" I ask.
He nods.

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